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PUBLISHED HERE September 18, 2007


in place so the street sweeper could clean the streets.  And in the beginning the No Parking signs placed throughout the City included the words street sweeper.  Residents knew that no tickets would be given on sweeper day if it was raining or the street was covered with snow.  It made sense, the inclement weather kept the sweeper from operating and so the police would not issue tickets.  Likewise when the sweeper was broken tickets would not be given.

At some point in time our city fathers changed the law and the words street sweeper was removed from the signs.  I think the law was changed in the 1990's but I am not sure. The police began issuing tickets to residents no matter what the weather. It was apparent the governing body found another way to tax residents in the disguise of a parking violation.

Here are some facts. *Since January until the end of August the Police Department has issued a total of 4,168 citations for parking violations for an average of 521 tickets a month.  There is a $25 fine for violating the law. The City has collected $13, 025 a month (521 tickets x $25). Times that amount by eight months the total is $104,200.  If that pace continues the City Police/Courts will collect $156,300 for the year from parking fines. Incidentally some time the fine for the violation is more so the estimated figure is on the low side.


As for the No Parking issue, for now I would like Council to change the law immediately so that tickets would not be given when the weather is inclement.

Mayor James told me before he was elected, how difficult it was for his family to unload groceries on a rainy day when there was no parking on his side ofUnderage_drinking_starttalking_nwsp the street. The mayor said he has to park in the library lot and carry the groceries across the street in the rain to his house. He had said if elected, that once he took care of more pressing problems he was going to see about changing the No Parking ordinance.

Lastly if the City is going to continue with this "Parking Tax" the least they could do is erect new signs throughout the community. Some streets have none at all, and on other streets the signs are so faded you can't read them.  Visitors to our community who receive a ticket complain they never saw the sign. And for them to fight it in court they would lose time at work. So they pay it and vow never to come back to Gloucester City.

One has to wonder why residents who live on the east side of Route 130, (Cypress Gardens, Meadowbrook, Highland Park), only see the sweeper once a month, if at all? 

Being a suspicious person I wonder if the conditions of the signs have been allowed to deteriorate on purpose. But that is just me.

What is your opinion? 

*Information was received from the Gloucester City Court Administrator

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COMMENT: No More Sweeper! said...(posted September 2007)

At this time of rising property taxes and other cities don't even have a street sweeper. The thing has been a waste of money and an extra tax on anyone, well anyone on certain streets to get a ticket or taxed etc. Cut some of the waste in our city government and stop the over taxing. Next time instead of an Irish Fest at the park, we're going to have the Gloucester Tea Party. I know the Mayor and Council have pressing problems, do away with the sweeper"S", the meter maid's vehicle and the employees. PLUS** We can JUNK those signs and make some money instead of replacing them. Put the employees in another position a useful one. Last week I saw a bunch of Gloucester Catholic kids that mistakenly parked their cars on a side of the street and you guessed it, you can't hardly read the signs, but hey the city made probably $300.00 just that day from people already Paying Tuition to come to our city.

I have faith in the James Team. Take the Bull by the Horns and do away with all this sweeper nonsense and make ticket people who don't clean in front of their curbing. Sell the Sweepers, and Ticket Vehicle we'll get some cash in the city budget, and save Thousands in Gasoline, Maintenance, Insurance, Payroll. Bill, who do I have to call the water department to fix the hole in Gloucester City's Payroll?

I am now PRAYING that Mr. James and the Council Persons I pray SOMEONE will take this tax savings to the table and get us some much needed results. We'll save over a Half Million Dollars over the next 5 or so years. Go ahead, add up the Maintenance, Insurance, Gasoline and Payroll, I bet it wouldn't even take 5 years to save us that much.

I wouldn't mind a Tax increase if I knew that the people running the city are making Real Changes to cut costs where a waste of resources is so evident to EVERYONE. Sometimes people don't complain about the simplest things like the sweeper, because in the past it has only fallen on deaf ears. Respect is earned, making simple and positive impacts on the city on your first year in office would go on to gain more respect from the people that put you into office.

The People Voted for Change, we are asking for Change!
Off to say some Prayers for the City of Gloucester. 
God Bless, and hopefully I can say R.I.P. to the sweeper scam on the taxpayers! It maybe legitimate in someones eyes, but a scam and waste of money in my eyes!

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