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By Earl Foster /

 When a person is thought to possess certain abilities people refer to it "being gifted". I can certainly see how it is thought to be a gift and used for good. I can also see how it can also be a curse at times as well. One such experience that I had when I was 5 years old left a lifelong impression that has remained with me vividly and affected a lot of my decisions in regards to strange experiences. I spent a lot of years in denial and fear choosing largely to try and ignore or hope it would go away. It was not until my later years in life that I decided to embrace and attempt to learn more about it. This experience I will share with you in this article is true. It began for me at a very young age and left a lasting impression. Imagine yourself being 5 years old and experiencing this. What impact might it have on you? What impression would it leave you with? 

Head2It was very late at night, after midnight. Everyone in our house was sleeping except for me of course. I hadn't been sleeping very well since some of the experiences had begun. I was in a bedroom I shared with my brother who was fast asleep. My mother and my sister were in their rooms at the far end of the hallway. There was a railing along to stairs leading downstairs at the end of the hallway and night light on in the hall. I headed to the hallway to go to the bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks. I was griped with total fear. At the top of the stairs there was an older woman standing there. She was dressed in a long black and white dress. She had white hair tied back in a bun behind her head. She looked very old. 

My fear passed quickly as she smiled at me. She did not move towards me, only stood there smiling at first. She told me her name was "Bessie" and that she didn't mean to frighten me. In a few seconds she was gone, simply vanished. I found myself questioning if I really saw or heard it. I kept this first visit from "Bessie" to myself thinking if I told anyone they would think I was crazy. As "Bessie" visited me more often over time I had to tell someone as she always showed up at night, always disrupted my sleep, and always when I was alone. I decided I would tell my Mother about this. My Mother thought it was "cute" that I had an imaginary friend. I tried explaining to her that it wasn't imaginary. At the age of 5 I had no credibility with her yet and she wasn't buying it. 

During a visit to our Grandmothers house, the subject of my visits with Bessie arose. I told my Grandmother about it and she was keenly interested. I described Bessie to my Grandmother and told her about the visits. My Grandmother got out an old photo album to show me some pictures. Low and behold, in several of the pictures there was "Bessie" just as I had described her. I was told she was my Great Great Grandmother. She died at the age 92 long before I was born. She was a nice woman with a pleasant outlook about everything as reported by past family to my Grandmother. In life it was reported that Bessie was widely known for her psychic abilities. People from far and wide would come to see her because of her renowned abilities. My Grandmother believed that Bessie was showing up to help me with my own problems with developing abilities. She also believed that Bessie showed up to me because she could see me as if I was a light. It's not the only time in my life I would be told this but it was the first time I had heard of this. 

As time went by Bessie showed up less and less. I struggled at times during those young years with things I would see or hear but always managed overlook or ignore and leave it alone. (I will share more on this later). Thinking back to those times the visions or things I heard aren't thought of as so frightening anymore. More understanding and learning on my part has helped with that. The impression it left has remained with me my entire life. As I endeavor to learn more and tune in more keenly I cannot help but wonder will Bessie show up again? I have learned that if she does I will be more open to trying to speak with her and learn as I would be sure there is much I could learn. After all isn't life a journey in which we learn? 

Be sure to read next weeks article, entitled "The Body", about when they speak to us and why. I will share a more recent event about assisting in a search. Feel free to comment or share your own experiences. You may consider joining us at our website listed here for further discussion or questions also. Always welcome and open to all. 

 (Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or through his website at 


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