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Encounter With Evil


By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net 

In last weeks column I made mention of a "dark entity" that I encountered when I was very young. Thinking of such things conjures up all sorts of images in our minds. It can invoke fears in us we would rather not subject ourselves to. Does this mean if we ignore them or choose not to acknowledge the dark things, do they no longer exist? In my humble opinion, absolutely not !! Rest assured that if we indeed believe in the good we also acknowledge our belief in the evil. Even in our human condition we know that not everything is always nice. With this in mind does it not hold true that everything outside of the human condition is also not always nice? I submit for your consideration that indeed, not everything is always nice, or a positive energy. 

Eye1I was young when I experienced my first encounter with a dark energy. The odd thing is that this entity followed us from one location to another. We lived in a house where I was aware of a menacing presence for quite some time. We moved to another house and from the first day in the new location I knew this presence had moved with us. I vividly remember the ponderous dread and fear this presence would incite in me even from the minute I first entered the new location. Until moving to this new house I had only ever felt this presence and this heavy feeling of dread and fear following me. I had never actually seen or heard anything. That was about to change. 

The very first night in our new home I was laying in bed. I shared a bedroom with my brother who was sleeping soundly. It was fairly large row home and we shared the front and what was the largest bedroom of the house. In the corner of the room was a closet. It was from this corner beside the closet I would experience my first frightening vision and energy. It began as what seemed a small dot or circle. It started to grow and mold almost as smoke floating in the air. As it grew you could see it taking shape. Very tall dark figure looming out across the room. I was panic stricken and unable to speak or move it seemed. Frozen in complete dread and fear. This figure only wafted there as if only watching. Aware of everything, aware that I knew it was there and lurking only increasing my fear level. I could not get any sense of this energy being male, or female, or anything other then total fear. This presence had malice and was pure concentrated evil. I can still remember it as if it were only yesterday and its something I will never forget. 

This energy made itself known to me on many nights. I struggled with this for a long time and had many long and sleepless nights. The visits from this entity continued frequently and always in the same way from the same corner. It would take shape and just loom there almost wafting in the air, watching, waiting, and almost enjoying the terror it invoked. To this very day I do not know what this energy wanted, I do not know why it was there or why it haunted me. I do have some thoughts on what it could have been. I hold my own belief that this entity I encountered is known by many simply as "The Beast". It did not cease visiting or vanish until I had an experience with guardian angels intervening as you read in the last weeks column. 

As humans we ask ourselves "Do the bad things really exist"? We cling to the good things and strive to put our energy into the good things. We must ask ourselves "If there is a positive, is there not also a negative"? If there is good as we know it we should also know there is indeed evil. There is much to learn in regards to energies and good vs. evil. In future we will talk more about protection and measures that should be employed when dealing with negative or evil energies. In the meantime always remember none of us are alone in our human condition. A famous quote I leave you with "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having an human experience". 

Stariway bw(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at earl.lsparanormal@gmail.com or through his website at www.lightsourceparanormal.com) 

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