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Michael T. Harkins of Bellmawr, age 67

Have you ever asked yourself "What Just Happened" ?



By Earl Foster /

The "human condition" as it is sometimes referred to always seems to make us look for the logical order of things. We look for logical explanations of things based on what is known to us, the familiar and comfortable reasons. Each of us has wondered at some point in time "What just happened" ? Sometimes we don't find a logical explanation. When this occurs we struggle with that age old question of "What just happened" ? Its a question I have also wrestled with many times throughout my life. I don't profess to be able to provide all the answers in regards to that question. My personal and true experiences have left me with more questions than answers. We only have those experiences to share as we attempt to learn more. Some experiences in life will always leave unanswered questions. I will share one such experience with you for your consideration. 

    I was 17 years of age. I lived in a house in Camden NJ with my family about 10 blocks from our Head1Grandmothers house. It was about 2:00am while laying in my bed in a kinda half asleep state that I thought I was having a very vivid dream. A very clear vision of two men on my Grandmothers front porch attempting to get in her front door is still a very vivid image in my mind. I also saw my
Grandmother and my Aunt who lived with her sitting just on the other side of the door in the dark and very fightened. What made it all the more strange to me was the feelings that coupled this vision or what I thought at the time was a dream. An overwhelming sense of urgency overtook me and I realized I became fully awake. It almost felt robotic to a degree as I put clothes on and headed to my car knowing I had to get to my Grandmothers house immediately. 

    As I drove up in front of my Grandmothers house what I saw next to this day defies explanation. Two men, were indeed on her porch, one of them crouched at the door and attempting to gain access to the house. I began blowing the car horn (all I could think to do not having cell phones in those days) to create a commotion and draw attention. The two men fled quickly off the porch and around the back of the house and vanished into the night. Neighbors had awakened at all the noise and porch lights were coming on as I got out of my car and went to my Grandmothers door. My
Grandmother and my Aunt had been sitting just on the other side of the door as I had envisioned. As my Grandmother opened the door to me now knowing I was there it's what she said next that astounded me. I had always known my family and more so my Grandmother had discussed things of this nature in regards to me with comments such as "gifted" or "sighted" coupled with a keen sense of things. My Grandmother looked directly at me, and said "I knew you would see it". 

    It was later learned that the two men had cut the phone lines to the house so there was no way my Grandmother could have called for help. Neighbors called police and a report was made but the men never were found to our knowledge. This occurrence left me as well as my family with many
questions and wonder about "What just happened"? The only person who didn't seem to question it was my Grandmother who seemed to know exactly what happened and why. Was this "intuition" ? Was there a psychic connection being made? Did my Grandmother indeed project those images to me knowing well as she had asked "I knew you would see it"? We could ponder those questions for years and not obtain a definitive answer. Sometimes it just happens and all we can do is accept what we do not know. 

(Earl Foster is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and write from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or through his website at