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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Epic Jeff Gordon Prank Video will make you laugh.

How about a little fun, and probably a smile, on this 6 degree morning?

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max team up to pull a hilarious prank on an automotive journalist from the Jalopnik website.

This is actually Jeff's second prank video.  The first hit viral success last year hitting 42 million views, and many thought the video was fake (staged).  My guess is this new version will also meet with the same "viral" success.

Web automotive journalist Travis Okulski was one of the first to say that while the first Test Drive video was fun and entertaining, Jeff Gordon was not driving the car.

So for the second Test Drive video, a new plan was hatched... to put the doubting journalist Travis into the passenger seat.  This video gives a quick background to set the prank up, and it becomes a very amusing "this is genius" video.

Travis has written his own take of the experience over at Jalopnik.

More snow and ice coming.  We recommend NOT driving like Jeff Gordon.  :-)