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By Earl Foster/

Everyone experiences unusual or seemingly unexplainable occurances at some time. Some choose to ignore it as coincidence. Others choose to find logical explanations but don't really find one. Others endeavor to explore further and seek answers. If your like me than you fall into this last category. I am Earl Foster and I seek to find answers in something that seems more spiritual then our physical selves. I seek answers and knowledge because I have had many unusual experiences and unexplainable occurances over the course of many years.     

    In future editions of this column I will share some of my experiences with you and I look Brainwavesforward to comments and input from those who are like minded and may have experiences of their own they want to share. I am sure there are many. My experiences (some witnessed or experienced by others) over the years include a check of our home by an outside source that included a psychic medium. This medium confirmed with no prior knowledge everything I suspected about our home and myself. Everything the medium "picked up" was exactly what I had picked up and had written down already but did not share with anyone. The medium who visited our home also helped me personally with some knowledge and education because until recently this is something I have struggled with for many years. It was revealed to me that I am an "empathic psychic medium" myself and these experiences are because I have been so since birth and that "door" is open. 

    In conclusion for this weeks column I leave you with this thought. If you have experienced something unusual, or that you cannot explain, or it frightened you perhaps, know that you're not alone. I think many people have experienced things or felt things, heard or seen things. Knowing that we are never alone in the human condition can be helpful.  

(Earl Foster is a life long resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or through his website 


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