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It's Not Always About Us

By Earl Foster / CNBNews.net 


(Photo: By Earl Foster "Face in the window") 
Window1The subject of paranormal activity can be very subjective. Based upon who you talk with or who's opinion is being expressed you get a wide variety of thoughts. Certain circles even consider it taboo to even speak of it as if it has a stigma attached to it casting those who do attempt to gain understanding in an unacceptable light. A large part of understanding just about anything is of course acceptance. How can someone understand what they cannot accept? Acceptance is one large step in understanding anything but acceptance is difficult with so many distractions. 

We have all seen television shows with psychics making claims, or card readers, and fortune tellers. We cannot help but wonder how much of this is for television ratings, or money and fame? They act as if it’s something they can turn on or off with a switch. They overlook one important aspect of it in my opinion. "It’s not always about you". They take something spiritual, and make it about themselves. You know the ones I refer to, we have all seen it, or perhaps even met people like that. I have news for them.....It's not always about you. It has been my experience that it’s rarely about me. The largest part firstly depends on them. By "them" I of course mean spirits. They have their own reasons and purposes and it just so happens that sometimes we see, or hear or even sense it. 

One such true experience I share with you now for consideration. I sensed a presence in our 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019afff9d462970d-320wihome. I could only describe him as an elderly "Gent" at first. His presence was also confirmed by an outside source other than myself. I first realized his presence with some sense of fear and confusion. It felt as if he was trying to hide but knew that I sensed him there and was apprehensive of me. As time went on I sensed also that he was searching for something or someone. We later learned, and confirmed, there was indeed a "Gent" who passed away in our home, in 1967. He was nice man. He didn't believe in any of the paranormal or spiritual things in life, and was confused about why he was here. He was also looking for someone, I believe possibly his wife.

I attempted to communicate to him by expressing some thoughts aloud to him. I explained it as best I could understand and also told him that I believed who or what he was searching for was not here. I explained that I felt he knew where he had to go but was afraid to go there. I told him not to be afraid and to go search there as it held his answers and he already knew that. In a short amount of time I felt his presence was gone. He had indeed left to search elsewhere. I have not felt him here since that night. Sometimes it just something that simple and not about us at all, but more about them. While I admit this story would not make for great television show ratings nor would anyone be thinking their mind has just been blown, it’s not about that, it’s not about us always. While we may help, or be granted some small look, we must understand that we should not make it about ourselves.  Sometimes it may feel like it is but in truth many times it not about us at all. 

(Earl is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at earl.lsparanormal@gmail.com or on his website at www.lightsourceparanormal.com) 

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