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Feeling, Sensing, and Knowing....Empathy.




By Earl Foster / 

The very term "Empathic Psychic Medium" stirs our subjective thoughts and gives us pause. Empathy is to feel, sense and be very aware of the emotions, feelings, and even at times the motives of others. Everyone has at least some degree of empathy. I believe empathy to be a part of the human condition. How deep can a person's empathy really go? Can we really get to a point where we can indeed, see or feel and sense others? Would this include those on the spiritual existence? 


(Photo taken by Earl Foster) 

In last weeks article, I shared with you an experience of an "elderly gent" that I sensed in our home and what the outcome of that was. Now I submit with this weeks edition a photo taken by me the very night I met this elderly gent. The photo is unedited (except for adding the red circle to point out the face) and if you look closely at the left side corner of the window I zoomed in on you can see the face of the elderly gent peering in the window. The photo was taken at approx. 2:30 am in my kitchen. I assure you at the time the photo was taken there was no living person at the window. How did I get this image to appear one would wonder? My answer, in a word, empathy. I sensed him there, sensed some of his emotions and fears and I snapped a pic. I also believe at times those on the spiritual side of existence see us as well, or seem to also sense or know who will see or feel them. It is when that occurs we are given a small glimpse of something we rarely understand. Something that tells us there is indeed a spiritual side to our existence in spite of the human condition. 

Perhaps the next time you sense or feel something and aren't sure why you might consider empathy for what or who is around you. Somethings we truly cannot explain. I believe some of what we know or refer to as paranormal will never have complete definitive explanations. It just is and it just happens. Do the spirits really exist around us? Do they see us? Do some of us see or sense them at times? That's a lot to wonder about but I submit to you that yes, there are those who know. Your looking at an untouched, unenhanced, unedited photo taken by me at approx. 2:30 am, alone, in my home. You tell me? 

 (Earl is a lifelong resident of South Jersey. He resides in and writes from Brooklawn NJ. Earl can be reached at or on his website at