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Suspect Wanted for Hammer Attack on Gloucester City Resident Surrenders to Authorities



By CNBNews Staff

Gavel-court-genericPHILADELPHIA PA (February 25, 2014)—Nathanial Maybin Jr. surrendered to Southwest Detectives with his attorney today, Tuesday, February 25. Maybin is facing attempted murder and aggravated assault charges. Maybin is being charged with attacking David Woods Sr., of Gloucester City with a hammer in front of a deli in West Philadelphia on Thursday, February 20. Maybin, age 29, resides in the 800 block of South 56th Street. He has been arrested numerous times on various charges according to police. 





Woods, who owns and operates Day or Night Door Service, had just taken a coffee break after finishing up a job late Thursday afternoon. While in the store he purchased some lottery tickets.

His friend, Bernard Williams, was sitting in the company truck waiting for Woods when he heard a loud noise like someone falling and hitting the sidewalk. Bernard turned towards the sound and saw the assailant standing over Woods with the hammer. He jumped out of the vehicle and went after Maybin, but the suspect came at Williams with the hammer. While Williams was running behind the truck to grab a crowbar, Maybin was kicking Woods and hitting him again with the hammer. With the crowbar in hand, Williams went after Maybin. The suspect ran away like a scared rabbit now that he was facing someone who was also armed with a weapon.  Williams, who is a lifelong friend of Woods, chased the suspect for two blocks, but he got away. When he got back to the scene of the crime he found Woods still unconscious laying in a pool of blood. 

Williams was able to somehow get Woods into the vehicle. He drove him to nearby IMG957901Presbyterian Hospital and from there he was transported by ambulance to the Hospital of the University of Penn, (HUP) 3400 Spruce Street for emergency treatment. 

 Woods had surgery last Friday afternoon. The victim has a large laceration on his head that was stitched closed during surgery to release pressure on the brain. The victim will have to go through intensive speech therapy in order to verbally communicate again. Woods is expected to make a full recovery. However,  the doctors who operated on him say he has a long road ahead of him. He was released from the hospital late Monday afternoon and is now resting at home. 


A self-employed businessman, Woods has been working in the City for several decades installing roll-up security doors. 

The father of three, Woods is married to Connie Cleary Woods. The couple has been married for 26 years. They also have a 22-month old grandchild. 

Mrs. Woods said, "The family is so happy that this vicious man has been taken off the street. We hope he is put away for a long, long time so he will never be able to hurt anyone else. His 60 second attack on my husband has affected so many people in our family and beyond. We like to thank Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker and his staff for doing such a great job in solving this crime." 

The suspect will remain in custody until his arraignment, at which time bail will be set.


FULL DISCLOSURE: DAVID WOODS SR., IS THE SON-IN-LAW OF William E. And Connie J. Cleary Sr., the owner of ClearysNoteBook,,