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February 25, 2014 -- (TRN) -- Today, a 60 day countdown has begun until the arrival of Fukushima radiation on the west coast of North America. The mass-media in the United States remains disgracefully silent despite the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) confirming that a massive plume of radiation in the Pacific Ocean is arriving. California, Oregon and Washington state will begin get the worst of it -- within 60 days. Folks out there HAVE to prepare, just in case. We tell you how.


The image above, provided by the BBC, shows the "likely" scientific projection of radioactive waste flowing toward the west coast of North America from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Reactor meltdowns and explosions in Japan, which took place in March, 2011. The "actual" amount will be known within the next 60 days (i.e. not later than April 25, 2014).


According to the BBC only minute traces of pollution from the beleaguered Japanese power plant have so far been recorded in Canadian continental waters. This will increase as contaminants disperse eastwards on Pacific currents.

Since the 2011 Fukushima accident, researchers from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography have been sampling waters along a line running almost 2,000km due west of Vancouver, British Columbia. By June of last year, they were detecting quantities of radioactive caesium-137 and 134 along the sampling line’s entire length.

Although the radioactivity concentrations remain extremely low – less than one becquerel per cubic meter of water – they have allowed the scientists to start to validate the two models that are being used to forecast the probable future progression of the plume.


One of these models anticipates a maximum concentration by mid-2015 of up to 27 becquerels per cubic metre of water; the other no more than about two becquerels per cubic metre of water. Bedford’s Dr John Smith told BBC News that further measurements being taken in the ocean right now should give researchers a fair idea of which model is correct.




Dr Smith was speaking at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was joined on a panel discussing Fukushima by Dr Ken Buesseler from theWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

The WHOI scientist described the citizen science effort now under way to record radioactivity in beach waters of the western United States. Members of the public are being recruited to regularly gather water samples from California to Washington State and in Alaska and Hawaii.

No caesium-134 has yet been detected. Caesium-137, which was also released by the damaged power plant, is in the environment already as a result of the A-bomb tests in the 1950s and 1960s. However, Dr Buesseler expects a specific Fukushima signal from both radionuclides to be evident very shortly in US waters.

The sampling project, which is organized at the website, is having to be funded through private donation because no federal agency has picked up the monitoring responsibility.


From this point on, the information contained in this article is from TRN and not from the BBC. TRN has been tracking this situation for quite awhile and has done massive research into the issue so as to provide accurate reporting to our readers.

There are decisions that people on the west coast MUST make; you have no choice:


1) Are you going to continue to reside on the west coast?

This is a huge decision and one that you - and only you - can make. Scientists seem to think that when the radiation plume arrives in the Pacific, it will be sufficiently diluted so that it will not pose too much of a danger. But what constitutes "too much" of a danger? What if they're wrong?


Is there a possibility you will be woken-up in the middle of the night by officials giving evacuation orders telling you to run for our life because the radiation level has become deadly? Where will you go? How will you pay to live somewhere else and still pay the mortgage on the house you can't live-in anymore? Your Insurance company won't pay - we did a story on this months ago showing the actual notices being sent to policyholders by their Insurance company specifically EXCLUDING any coverage whatsoever for any radiation-related claims.


2) Your Air

When the Fukushima disaster first took place, a plume of deadly radiation was released into the air and traveled from Japan to the west coast within days. The U.S. government KNEW this plume was dangerous, and they NEVER TOLD ANYONE. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) which runs "RADnet" to monitor local radiation levels, DELIBERATELY DECIDED TO ***NOT*** DEPLOY their portable radiation equipment to the west coast, despite the fact that some of their local permanent gear wasn't working. Further, there were no warnings to stay inside with your windows closed. No advice to wear a specific level of filter mask when you went outside. No instructions about how to wash off the radiation from your skin and clothes. The government simply kept quiet as this silent, odorless, colorless, tasteless plume of death swirled into and over our country. Nice people, the US government, huh?


Since it is now an irrefutable fact that the government intentionally conceals the truth - even if it means YOU get exposed to deadly radiation -- how can you ever know if the radiation levels in the air get crazy-high again once the plume in the ocean makes landfall?


3) Your Water

When water evaporates from the Pacific, the water molecules are large enough to carry within them, atomic particles. Numerous stories have appeared all year showing a direct correlation to a large weather systems dumping rain or snow inland, and places beneath that weather pattern suddenly showing dramatic spikes in local radiation levels. What does that mean for your water?


Please excuse us for being so obnoxiously blunt, but this is how we see it: If you have a gallon pitcher of fresh, pure, clean, drinking water on a table and someone walked up to it and dropped a single drop of URINEinto the gallon, would you think it's no big deal? Would it still be "OK" to drink in your mind?


This is basically what scientists are suggesting you do. Someone has dropped a whole slew of radioactive poison into the Pacific Ocean and scientists are telling you that it will be so diluted you shouldn't worry about it. Is there any question in your mind as to whether or not any of those scientists would drink from the gallon pitcher of water containing a drop of URINE? Yea, you get the idea.


2) Are you going to swim / surf / scuba-dive or fish in the Pacific or allow your children to swim / surf / scuba-dive or Fish in it ?

For many who reside on the west coast, this is an almost-existential issue. People LOVE the ocean. They love laying on the beach, going for a swim, surfing, scuba diving, fishing. For many, many people, the ocean is a major focal point of life and leisure on the west coast, but now it has literally TONS of deadly radioactive poison and debris in it. Make no mistake, scientists ALL agree the radiation will come to the coastline within 60 days. What they're not sure about is how potent the radiation will be. Where does that leave you?


For months, story after story in various media have outlined the horrific onslaught of marine life exhibiting strange lesions, external and internal tumors, bleeding from their eyes, mouths, gills and bellies, not to mention the reports documenting mass die-offs of various sea creatures in the Pacific. Where once only ONE-PERCENT of the sea floor was covered with the remains of dead sea creatures, recent reports prove that now, NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT of the Pacific sea floor is covered with the remains of dead sea creatures! Starfish are literally "melting" into piles of white goo. Scientists have actually watched starfish tear themselves into pieces and seen those pieces walk away from each other before turning into mush! Blue-fin Tuna have been tested and those tests confirmed ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT of Pacific tuna are contaminated with radiation! Great White sharks, that supposedly cannot get cancer, have been found with 1 foot x 1 foot tumors hanging off their mouths!


So again, you MUST decide whether or not you or your loved ones will swim, surf, scuba-dive or fish in the Pacific. If the scientists were right about the ocean diluting the radiation to safe levels, then why are all these marine animals getting sick and dying?


Let's cut to the chase: If you or your loved ones go into the ocean, will YOU start to melt? Will you turn into a white pile of goo? Will you start bleeding from your eyes, mouth, and other orifices? Will you start developing bloody lesions on your skin or external tumors? Even worse, will everything SEEM fine, when in reality the radiation ends up damaging your DNA and sets you up for cancer years from now? Do you really want to even take a chance? This is stuff you MUST decide - now.




Historically, the west coast is territory settled by very hearty souls and you, their progeny, come from good stock. So if you decide to hunker down and tough-it-out, we would like to suggest some things. (*** PLEASE NOTE **** TRN doesnot sell ANY of the items we recommend below and has no financial interest whatsoever, regardless of whether you choose to buy such supplies or not. We offer this advice simply to share knowledge.)




a) Make a "bug-out bag" for each member of your family.

It should have enough personal items to tie-you-over in case you have to make an emergency evacuation to somewhere else for awhile. These bags should be PRE-PACKED; don't simply make a list then try to go pack when the crap hits the fan. You want this bug-out bag packed and ready to go because if the crap hits the fan, minutes matter. You want to grab the bag and go -- it takes only seconds and could save your life.

  • Clothes (Underwear, Socks, Shirts, Pants, Belts, shoes and outerwear that is appropriate for the season)
  • Extra eye glasses or contact lenses
  • Medicine (If you take something for chronic care, make sure you have a supply to get you through until you get settled elsewhere)
  • Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, Floss, mouthwash, deodorant, nail clipper, comb or brush, TOILET PAPER!)
  • Over-the-counter Health aids like Aspirin/Tylenol/Advil or Aleve, cough medicine, allergy medicine, hydrocortizone creme, HEARTBURN relief, baby powder, etc.
  • RADIATION-RELATED PRODUCT: 30 or 60mg Potassium Iodate pills - to be taken ONLY when actually exposed to radiation; protects thyroid.
  • Sanitation (A single plastic bag to use for trash or waste as needed)
  • Canned and dry foods (Just enough to tie-you-over for 3 - 5 days it may take to get somewhere else, don't forget a CAN OPENER.)
  • Water or portable personal water filter (You can go weeks without food, but only 3 to 5 days without water.)
  • CASH - Just enough to make-do until you can get squared away.
  • A NIOSH-Certified Filter mask rated at P-95 or, more preferably P-100. These are re-usable masks that filter 99.97% of all particles.
  • Swimming goggles - as temporary eye protection from radiation particles while traveling. Cheap, fast, washable, reusable.
  • Flashlight
  • Portable radio

Put the Bug-Out bag in the bedroom of each family member and teach them that THEY and THEY ALONE are responsible for bringing it with the family if it is time to Bug-out.

b) Equip your home to ride-out radiation plumes

  • Roll of plastic film - (INSTALL ONLY WHEN ACTUALLY NEEDED DURING ACTUAL HIGH-RADIATION) to seal-up your windows in case of a radiation surge.
  • Adhesive "snap-and-lock" plastic track to secure the plastic (above) around your windows
  • Water Filters - Get one either for the whole house (expensive) or one for a main faucet that all of you will drink/cook from exclusively. Get filters for shower heads too. The best bet is a reverse-osmosis system combined with Activated carbon and an Ion Exchanger as this three step process is pretty much the only reliable way to filter radiation from water. Whichever type of filter you choose, know that having SOMETHING is better than having nothing. Sadly, to our knowledge, there is no reverse osmosis filter available for shower heads, so you're best bet is Activated carbon (charcoal) for the shower head.
  • Doorway intercom to the outside so you can talk to people outside without opening your door.
  • Disposable floor protectors at entryways. People will track radiation into the house on shoes. Use these throw-away paper mats inside all entryways, make everyone take shoes OFF in the entryway - DO NOT WALK THROUGH HOUSE WITH SHOES and track radiation all over.
  • Entryway trash can with sealing lid - keep all disposable paper in this after use. Do not walk it through the house to your regular trashcan.
  • Entryway coat racks - to hang coats immediately upon entry. Radiation will get on clothes when you're outside. You don't want to bring it in and throw those clothes on the floor or the bed thus contaminating the insides of your house or surfaces of furniture/bedding.
  • Entryway Clothes Hamper - This will be weird, but get prepared to change clothes in the entryway to the house. Radiation gets on clothes and you do not want to bring it into the house everywhere you walk, sit down or lay down because it rubs off clothing. Put contaminated clothes in entryway hamper
  • Entryway clothing shelf or cubby - to have a change of clothes at the entryway for you to change into when you come in.


c) Your car

  • Get a CB radio + antenna for the car. Have it in the car so you can hear what's going on from truckers and other motorists nearby. It's a LOT better than a cellphone or local traffic radio for live information and can tell you what's ahead if you have to detour.
  • Have a gas can in the trunk - if permitted by local laws. A small 2, 3 or even 5 gallon can get you another 20, 30, 50 miles and save your life.
  • NEVER allow your car to go below half a tank of gasoline. NEVER! Not even once. If you have to bug-out fast, everyone else will too. The gas stations might all be closed because they already evacuated! Moreover, there won't be time to stop for gas - or sit in a long gas line waiting and hoping the gas station doesn't run out. (We all saw how that worked out in hurricanes like Katrina where people were fighting - even shooting each other - for gasoline. You don't want any part of that. The farther you get away from the danger, the more options you'll have to get fuel later.)
  • Bear in mind your car will accumulate radiation on the seats, and floors from you getting in and out regularly. It will also accumulate radiation in the A/C and heating vents which bring in outside air. You'll have to meticulously clean those areas once in awhile to get rid of any build-up and REPLACE the A/C air filter once in awhile.


D) Stock up on food & medicine for the house

If you were forbidden by authorities to leave your home for a week or two because of radiation outside, would you have enough food and medicine to live? The pizza guy and the Chinese food place won't be able to deliver, neither will the local pharmacy, so you'd better prepare.

Presuming that all utilities remain functioning (and there's no reason to think they won't) you'd have electric, gas and water, but do you have enough food? You'd want to eat as normally as possible, but who has enough milk or bread to last a week or two?

  • Have dehydrated milk powder so you can mix your own milk.
  • Have long-shelf-life DRY foods like:
  1. Oatmeal, farina and Pancake/Waffle mix for breakfast
  2. Pasta, rice, beans that you can have for lunch and dinner
  • Have a Bread maker so you can make your own bread
  • Have some frozen juice concentrate (orange, grapefruit, cranberry etc.)
  • Have some dry mixes for flavored drinks like Iced Tea, Lemonade or other drinks (Kool-Aid mix, Tang mix, Nestle's Quick, Ovaltine etc.)
  • Have some canned foods like soups, vegetables, canned Chicken, canned Ham, Chile, canned fruits, etc.
  • Have condiment packets (Saved from every time you eat fast food) Ketchup Mustard, mayonnaise, Tartar Sauce, relish, Salt, Pepper, etc.

All the things above have LONG shelf lives and while you may not relish the notion of eating this stuff, if you're unable to go outside, it becomes a matter of survival. You do what you have to do to survive.


e) Schools

It is essential for those of you who have children of school age, to go to the next Board of Education meeting and askwhat plans - if any - the schools have to deal with possible troubles from radiation that's coming?

  • Will schools be closed on days when radiation is high?
  • Will students be able to telecommute to learn online via computers if radiation is too high to go to school?
  • If radiation spikes during a school day, will children be given P-95 or P-100 masks? Anything less won't work. Can they bring their own to school?
  • Will the school system spend the $600 or so (per school) to equip each school with a Geiger Counter capable of continuous measuring of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation in the air? Who at each school will be in the office to watch that Geiger counter all day?
  • Will schools have Potassium Iodate tablets to administer to children if radiation levels suddenly spike? If not, can children bring their own?


f) Work

When you head out to work tomorrow, ask for a few minutes to speak to your boss. Explain that this may be making a mountain out of a mole hill BUT, given the fact that a huge radiation plume is going to make landfall on the west coast within 60 days:

  • Will work be closed on days when radiation is high?
  • Will employees be able to telecommute to work online via computers if radiation is too high to go out?
  • If radiation spikes during a work day, will employees be given P-95 or P-100 masks? Anything less won't work. Can they bring their own to work?
  • Will the Employer spend the $600 or so to equip the job site with a Geiger Counter capable of continuous measuring of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation in the air?
  • Will the Employer have Potassium Iodate tablets to administer to workers if radiation levels suddenly spike? If not, can employees bring their own?
  • Will the employer install a water filter system for employee use?
  • Will the employer make arrangements to prevent the tracking of radiation into and throughout the workplace as people come and go?


Of course, this list is not perfect. But for many readers, it contains things they haven't previously thought about. You still have time to prepare. Use it wisely.


If the mass-media covers this story at all, you can expect them to focus on the claim that the radiation "is not dangerous." Ask them, if it's not dangerous, why are so many sea creatures in the Pacific dying from it? Expect a "deer-in-the-headlights" look.


Please spread this post far and wide. We need to get knowledge out to as many people as possible. Permission to reproduce this article is GRANTED; all we ask is that you also provide a link to showing us as the source.


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