Vote for CREW'S Scoundrel of the Month

God Bless Hyphenated-America


By John Reynolds/

After reading the Martin Luther King articles in the media recently about how much progress we have made in this country towards racial equality, but how much more we 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019afff9d462970d-320wineed to go, I thought:  we are two generations into civil rights and affirmative action, with trillions spent on urban renewal, housing, food, education and health care for Hyphenated-Americans, and we still haven't reached racial parity yet – except in the field of political corruption.

If you look at the roster of Camden politicians who spent time in the slammer, you'll see a diverse mix, cutting across all racial and ethnic lines. It's a time-line of the rise of minorities in this country. You have Italian-American Angelo Errichetti doing time for bribery in the early '80s, African-American Arnold Webster jailed for stealing money from the schools in the mid '90s, and Puerto Rican-American Milton Milan succumbing to the temptation of cash envelopes in late '90s. All Hyphenated-Americans.

We need a one-legged-female-gay-Asian crook to fill out the list. Who says America isn't the land of opportunity. To quote another famous King, Don, "Only in America can a Barack Obama happen. Only in America can a Don King happen."