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Bellmawr area road changes and closures this weekend for Rt 295/42 construction.

Two big changes taking place this weekend (Jan 10 - Jan 12)  as part of the massive 295/42 road construction.  One impacts this weekend, another is a temporary change that will last for years.

Bell Road Weekend Evening Closures (Bellmawr to Mt Epraim):
Evevings this weekend (January 10-12) the Bell Road bridge will be closed from 9pm to 6am, as workers install new sewer pipes.

New access road from 42 north to 295 North
Also because of the ongoing project centered in Bellmawr, a new ramp goes "live" this Sunday, connecting 42 north traffic to 295 north.  It will take the traffic around the core construction area making it easier to rebuild those roadways.  This detour is set to last for several years.  Its important to understand this change because it seems to come much sooner than the original sharp turn to 295 north.   It looks like it connects drivers on to an existing overpass that feeds into 295 north.  The curved road to 295 N will still be used, this simply merges traffic much sooner eliminating the slow down that normally takes place at the merge right at the start of that 295 North curve.

Interestingly.. Google is already on top of things.  I looked at google maps to get a sense of where this connects back to 295 north (having already seen the 42 end), and they already have it indicated in the Map web application.