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Batter Up: Gloucester City Ready to Play Ball

Softball field
The new sports complex as a work in progress

  by Dawn Watson/


GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (January 29,2014)--Baseball is as American as apple pie. And GloucesterCity is about to become one of the most popular places in America to play softball. But, let’s begin at the beginning…

   Beginning in the late 1890’s and lasting through 1941, the Welsbach Company and the General Gas Mantle Company were booming businesses in Gloucester City. It is believed that the companies used radioactive thorium to make their gas lamps glow brighter. When the businesses closed down, this radioactive material was left behind, contaminating the soil and the buildings in the area. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019afff9d462970d-320wi

   Fast-forward to the spring of 2009, when the Environmental Protection Agency funded the clean-up of the area, including what is now the William Flynn Veterans Sports Complex. The clean up cost $25 million.

   The removal of this material also encompassed the 800 block of Essex Street along with the Gloucester City Swim Club, the corner lot of Klemm   Avenue and Johnson Boulevard, and along the 500 block area of Powell and Division Street, where the new school is going to be built. (See CNBNews article)

   Now, the Gloucester City organization is proud to announce that registration for the Girls’ Softball League is accepting registrations for its upcoming 2014 season! In fact, the League is offering on-line registration up until January 31st at an early-bird discount fee. (See website here)

   Tom George, Vice President of the League, states, “This is an exciting time for all of us. Not only is our field state-of-the-art, but social media venues have been stirring up increased interest.”

   According to George, the League is divided by age and experience. Division I, for 5 and 6 year old girls, is instructional in nature. Girls learn how to play the game and are encouraged to have fun and learn to be part of a team. The next division, ‘Pee-Wees’, takes training to the next level and encourages self-confidence. Other Divisions use the acquired knowledge to hone physical skills.

   A grand opening ceremony is tentatively scheduled for April 15, coordinating with the Gloucester City Little League Association.  The ceremony will showcase the state-of-the art dugouts and brand new batting cage for the girls; the boys’ League will have a brand new indoor batting cage. The new concession stand will be unveiling some new snacks, as well.


   “We are currently searching for sponsors for the Girls’ League,” said Mr. George. “If you have a business in Gloucester City or the surrounding area and would like to host a billboard or team shirts, please let us know. You can contact us at There are currently 15 teams in the League and three fields so excitement is building for this season. Last year’s team won the District 13 Championship, so we have already made history. Now, we will be practicing and playing at a premier location, so there’s no telling what’s ahead. It will definitely be a positive experience for everyone.

   “If you would like to help make Gloucester City’s Girls’ Softball League a success, please contact us as soon as possible. We also encourage all of you to support your team and come on out to the games! Our children depend upon your spirit and support!”





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