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April 29, 2007: City Democrat Chairman Coxe Endorses Candidates for Election

PUBLISHED April 29, 2007

Before I address this year's candidates, I first want to address those individuals who will not be seeking reelection this year. Democrat County Committee members not seeking reelection include: Roseanne Michel, Paul Kormann, Margaret Barr, Jim Rauchut, Jean Kaye and Patrick Keating. These fine individuals have been the backbone of Democrat campaigns for a number of years. They have promoted Democrat values and worked diligently for every Democrat candidate on the ballot. Their service has not only been appreciated by me, but by the entire organization. Their tireless work will not be forgotten, and it is my hope that they will be able to pass some of their experience on to those individuals who will be running this year.

City Council members not seeking reelection include Anthony 'Rocky' Kormann, Elsie Loebell and Jean Kaye. Rocky has served the residents of the 1st Ward for a number of years with honor and dignity. He has worked to ensure their interests, as well as the interests of all City residents, were met. Elsie replaced my grandfather on City Council, and I still recall stuffing envelopes in her living room. As the senior member of council, she has served on all most all committees and has truly been a voice for the residents of the 2nd Ward. Jean has led the fight on the housing committee to ensure our City's housing stock is held to the highest standard. She has been a tireless worker for the residents of the 3rd Ward and she has always been accessible to their needs. Rocky, Elsie and Jean, I thank each of you for your years of service to Gloucester City and the Democrat Organization.

As was mentioned in last week's GCN the endorsed Democrat council candidates for 2007 include: John Hutchinson - 1st Ward; Bruce Parry - 2nd Ward; and Kellie Ferry - 3rd Ward. These individuals have been involved with various organizations for a number of years and I believe that they will continue the tireless work of their predecessors on City Council. The 2007 Democrat Committee candidates include: 1st Ward - AnnaMarie Smith, Carol Stafford, Patrick Hagan and Robert Saunders; 2nd Ward - Bernadette Flinn, Vanessa Courant, Raymond W. Coxe and Frank Wunsch; and 3™ Ward - Mary DeFoney, Helen "Lynn" Bucher, Daniel Cosner and Sean Murphy. Again, these fine individuals are not new to Gloucester City. They will continue promoting Democrat values as well as Democrat candidates. They will be there to be YOUR liaison to your respective council persons.

On a personal note, last week's GCN article stated that ".. .the newcomers of the City Democrat organization have won out," and ".. .the New Organization." These statements are truly false and it is a disservice to have these statements printed in the City News. The only winners are the residents of Gloucester City. They will have individuals who are willing to work tirelessly on their behalf to continue economic development, improving our infrastructure, working with our Board of Education and striving to take Gloucester City to that next level. There is no new organization, and an apology should go all too all current and past members of the Gloucester City Democrat Club. Each month the Club advertises its meeting and in theadvertisement it states to ".. .bring a friend," so while we may have new members joining, which is a good thing, I can assure you, there is NO new organization.


Raymond W. Coxe, Chairman/Gloucester City Democrat Club

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