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Letters: Regarding Bill's Cheers and Jeers Column

This  article was posted here on January 24, 2007


Most of the real work is decided in Worksession and Caucus Meetings. 
During the Worksession meetings, the department heads are present as
well as the engineer.  Council also gives an overview of the Committee
happenings.  Both are public meetings and the public has a few minutes
in the opening of the meeting to ask questions or address the council. 
It does have a time limit on it.  The Gloucester City News attended a few of these meetings and then stopped.

As far as Dooley's goes, I think the whole thing of buying it and the
price to be paid/paid was announced by Mr. Maley at the October or
November Monthly Council Meeting in response to a question from the
public.  No secrets there.....

As far as the UEZ Board decision on the Gloucester Plumbing Project,
the new mayor and council members were present at that meeting.  The 
did ask questions but did not have any negative comments about the
deal.  They were there when it was voted on.  Although they couldn't
vote, they were heard and didn't object.

The benefits from the Coast Guard base property redevelopment will be
great! Have you seen what has been proposed.  It won't just be for the
people that live there.  The waterfront area will be open for all to
use and I believe it will be great for our City.

I also don't agree that the new development will be "too expensive". 
Gloucester City loses many of its youth because they can afford these
prices and want things that the old houses won't give them.  They want
new developments, etc. Instead they move away and start in other
neighborhoods in other cities. Why not here?  Why not give them what
they want? 

I understand that one of the best ways for us to keep St. Mary's and
Gloucester Catholic in town is to have a good redevelopment plan.  We
have good plans from good developers.  That is in our favor.

The City last year online went online with a great website and a
quarterly newsletter with the intent to get information out to
residents.  The Celebrations Committee has made a great effort this
year to expand the events for bigger and better events.

Maybe the Council under Mr. Kilcourse didn't communicate well to the
public, but they have plans that are in motion that hopefully will come
to fruition and improve this City.    After all, isn't that what we
should all be here to do?

Theresa Ritchie

NOTE: Theresa was the Mayor's aide for the Kilcourse administration

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