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Pet Tip of the Week: How to Spoil Your Dog(

Christmasby Dawn Watson ( 

   Here are a few ways to make your dog be in control of your life: 

  • Reward him with cuddling every time he shows fear of people, noises, traffic, etc. He will understand that he gets rewarded for being afraid.
  • Tell him, “It’s all right” when he growls at people. He will immediately know it’s all right to growl.
  • Allow him to growl at you when you try to get up on the couch next to him. He’s only letting you know that it’s HIS couch.
  • Let him put his paws on the table while you are eating. He is part of the family and can eat your food if it looks appealing.
  • Allow him to put his head out of the car window on family outings. People in passing cars love drive-by slobbering.
  • Laugh at him when he empties the kitchen waste basket onto the rug. It’s fun to clean up coffee grounds!
  • Let him lick the baby’s face after he cleans his private parts. It will help the baby tolerate ‘special’ germs.
  • Keep band-aids handy at all times. That way, when he bites you, you won’t have to interrupt playtime for very long.
  • Allow his nails to grow; he’ll be happier because no one will touch his paws and he won’t have wrestle anyone.
  • Keep his food bowl full so he doesn’t have to work for his food. No one should have to work for food!
  • Beg him to stop barking, using many different words and phrases to get your point across. Then, when he continues to bark, give up. 
  • If you work very hard on all of these suggestions you will have a perfectly spoiled little brat of a dog! 

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

    Dawn Watson

    The Cherokee Dog Trainer