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Letter to the Editor: Grinch Steals Christmas

Dear Bill,

It seems that the Grinch was a much nicer character than the guys who hate for a living.

It would seem that the same extremists who would ruin a Fourth of July to find a pulpit would also abuse a sacred holiday to to the same thing. Being on a watchlist for extremist activities only emboldens folks who cannot win their case in a legitimate and legislative fashion.

The same cast of forlorn and dangerously addled folks that tried to disrupt Gloucester City are planning to protest the Rider Westminster Choir College annual Christmas Concert performed by the students at the Princeton University Chapel, this Sunday at 3:00PM.....scroll to the bottom of the newsletter past the usual PGC items.

Their tactics have shifted to downright abuse of people, families and sacred times. Why? Because people have ignored them based on the nasty, ad hominem and foul approach they have. Standing around barking foul language into bullhorns is not the way to move a concept forward.

And like all true radicals they turn on their own, when they don't like another humane group which refuses to bend over for them, they "out" them as if their work is not worthwhile. They hound law enforcement and terrorize innocent people, all while perverting the concept of free speech.

Leo Holt




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