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A Review of some of the Good, Bad, and Ugly to Cross our Radar Recently

POSTED HERE March 19, 2007

JEERS to the Camden County Municipal Utility Authority for charging a $1.75 convenience fee to anyone who pays their bill on line. If anything the CCMUA should pay the customer for making it so easy for the authority to collect the money.  

CHEERS to all those who volunteer each year for the Community Clean-Up Day in Gloucester City. This year the event will be held on Saturday, March 24.

JEERS to anyone who flys a torn and faded American Flag.  Our forefathers fought for our right to fly the Stars and Stripes. And today our service men and women continue that fight.  It should be treated with respect. What kind of example are we showing to our children by allowing the Flag to be displayed in this condition? In the past month I have found five damaged flags flying in Gloucester City. As of Friday, March 16 there remained one torn Flag that is still flying. It is located in the front of the City Post Office on Broadway. And Kudos to all those who replaced the damage flags.

CHEERS to Tia's Hair Care of Monmouth Street for her generosity in donating free haircuts and styles to 23 participants involved with the Locks of Love program. Also Thumbs up to the students from Gloucester City High School who took part in the event by donating their hair. Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that makes vacuum fitted wigs for children with medical hair loss.

CHEERS to the Rotary and Interact Clubs who sponsor a Bowl-A-Thon each year to help raise money for the Christmas Giving Tree and other charities. This year's event was held on Sunday, March 18 at the Westbrook Bowling Lanes in Brooklawn.

JEERS to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is suing a Newark school district for holding its 2005 graduation ceremonies in a Baptist church, calling it a violation of a Muslim student's religious freedom.   The lawsuit seeks to forbid further public school ceremonies in places of worship and an unspecified award of damages to the Muslin student. It is obvious the lawsuit isn't about the violation of the student's religious freedom; it is all about money.

CHEERS to former Freeholder Tom Gurick for his dedication to helping the residents of Camden County. Tom was honored by the Brooklawn Borough Council recently for his help in acquiring New Broadway Street scape funding, and many other contributions. Some of those contributions include obtaining several million dollars in grants for Gloucester City, and the erection of a traffic light on Kings Highway in Mt. Ephraim.

CHEERS to the City of Gloucester City and the Streets Department. Today, Monday (March 19) city employees cleared the sidewalk surrounding the Lane Avenue playground of the ice and snow that was left following  the weekend storm. Just last week we had criticized the City for not maintaining the sidewalk after a storm. It is nice to see those in charge respond to a problem and correct it.  The corner is a designated bus stop for children. In the past, whenever it snowed the kids and  parents walking to and from the area were forced to walk in the street.

JEERS-The FAA is considering a plan to send more airplanes over communities in Pennsylvania and South Jersey.  The noise is so loud now from the jet planes constantly flying over South Jersey we don't need any additional airplanes to add to that problem. If anything we need less. Contact your local, state and federal representatives and tell them enough already.

What is your opinion?

posted here on March 19, 2007 

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