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The following was posted here  November 13, 2006

UPDATED November 7, 2013


By William E. Cleary

  (November 13, 2006) Gloucester City NJ--Some die hard Democrats in Gloucester City would tell you what happened in Tuesday’s election was a fluke. To have three unknowns (William James, Nick Marchese and Jay  Brophy) with no political experience defeat a well-organized Democrat machine could never happen again. 

To have a Gloucester City resident running for Sheriff (Chuck Billingham) who received 2500 votes plus but was unable to carry the local candidates on his coattail to victory was a once in a blue moon occurrence.

Furthermore to have these same three political novices win the local election after the Camden County Democrat Machine held a political rally in Gloucester City featuring a national figure like Senator Kennedy; well their win was a one in a million chance.

 Well I believe they (The Democrat Machine) would be wise to pay heed. 

*The people had enough of politicians who ran Gloucester City as if they owned it.  The professional politicians forgot who was paying their salaries; and who elected them.


*The people had enough of a one party system that kept police reports from being published in the local media.  What else was being hidden?


*The people had enough of secret meetings being held on a Sunday; so, they could adopt, legal notices spending $5 million in tax dollars.  Adding to the deception, the notices were advertised in a daily newspaper to further conceal their chicanery.

*The people had enough of the political promises and spin that came out every October before the November election but never was mentioned again after the incumbents were re-elected.  That is until the following year when the same political spin started all over again.

The people couldn’t understand why when they asked the council meetings to be televised on the Local Channel their requests fell on deaf ears.

What were they (Mayor and City Council) trying to hide?

The final straw was finding out that a part-time mayor had a full-time paid confidential aide receiving an annual salary of $40,000.  This aide was hired in a community that is so poor it qualifies for being a labeled an “Abbott District” and an “Urban Enterprise Zone” (UEZ).  Mayors in more affluent communities don’t have confidential aides, yet Gloucester City’s Mayor felt it was necessary to have one.  Why?  So they he or they could pad the payroll with more friends/family.

All is not lost for the City Democrat machine.  They still control council by a 4-3 margin for the next year.  Whether they listen to Tuesday mandate to make changes remains to be seen.  No doubt, they are aware that next November three council seats will be up for grabs. 

My final advice to the Dems is to put the election behind you and move on with your life.  Those who vow revenge forget that we live in a democracy.  Your arrogance and condescending behavior was another factor that contributed to your defeat on Nov. 7th.

There is a ground swell growing in Gloucester City.  It has started with the young and has filtered up to the older generation.  You could see it in the eyes of the campaign workers for the Independents last Tuesday night at the Gloucester Inn. 

It is a revolution. 

The local “Party Boss” along with the “South Jersey Political Boss” would be wise to listen to the voters in this City.

The mandate extends to the newly elected candidates as well.  The public is expecting changes.  I along with the people who elected you will remind you of your campaign promises.

 Will I continue to write now that the election is over. Yes is the answer. The number of hits on ClearysNotebook grows each day.  Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.



UPDATE: Eight years later do I still feel the same about the James administration? The answer is an emphatic No! Looking back it is plain to see that they (James, Brophy, Marchese) were/are no different than the people they replaced. Their use of the word "Independent" during the 2006 campaign was just a smoke screen. They fooled everybody, including me. ~WEC


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