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HADDON HEIGHTS, N.J. – Monday, Congressman Andrews was joined by New Jersey Senator Donald Images-1 Norcross and Camden City Mayor Dana Redd to unveil a $4 million construction project that has created 25 construction jobs and is paving the way for future waterfront development in Camden.  Congressman Andrews has been a strong and vocal supporter of the project, helping champion over $1 million in federal funds for the project.


This construction project will extend Cooper Street to Camden’s waterfront and extend Riverside Drive from Cooper Street to Penn Street, improving the flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the waterfront and providing new public access to the river and the county’s waterfront promenade park.  It will include new underground utilities, including the separation of the storm and sewer lines, streetscape improvements, landscaping, bike lanes, and a center median.   

“The last couple times the economy turned up in the 1980’s and 90’s, Camden was not ready to take advantage of that upturn,” said Congressman Andrews.  “Between the efforts of Mayor Redd, Senator Norcross and our legislature, which recently passed new incentives that will bring in new businesses, and this project Camden is primed and ready and might be the best deal in the country for businesses. This will be a vibrant booming waterfront that will be both walk-able and livable.” Andrews said he envisioned a mixed-use blend of office space, housing and retail stores for the site.

According to Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, the firm that managing the project, construction is due for completion in April of 2014.


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