The Pen vs. The Gloucester City Democrat Party Machine | PART ONE : When It Began
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The Pen vs. The Gloucester City Democrat Party Machine | PART TWO: Jump to the Present....




Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”   

~Theodore Roosevelt












GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--Some members of the Gloucester City Democrat Club

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and their stooges, both past and present, continue to blame anyone who dares to question their policies. This city has been controlled by their party for decades. In all the years I have been reporting on city government, they only lost the majority of the council seats once, that was in 1986.



Thus, I could never figure out their over-reaction to someone who voiced an opposing view. Surely they have heard of the Constitution of the United States which endows each one of us with certain inalienable rights such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion and so forth. 



Yet these individuals have continued their vindictive ways for decades against anyone who challenges their actions or writes an opposing view. They also strike down anyone who provides you, the public, with information they don’t want you to have. 



For example, earlier this year Dave Stallwood and Bob Booth both officers and members of the Gloucester City Business Association, who are also active members in the Gloucester Economic Development Corporation, allegedly complained to Gloucester City News publisher Albert Countryman about my weekly column that appeared in the paper for the past 12 years. As a result of their complaint, I was fired by Countryman from my position with the paper. 


Not satisfied with my dismissal Stallwood, who is in charge of the Gloucester City Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ), allegedly approached one of the businesses that advertised on ClearysNoteBook (CNBNews) just last month and told the man he should cancel his ad on, “because Cleary is a trouble maker.” 


The man called and said he was intimidated by Stallwood’s recommendation. Afraid of repercussions from the powers in charge in our city [the GCDPM], he canceled his advertisement. He had been advertising on our blog for the past five years.


Stallwood, who came to this country from England in the 1980’s, operates a thriving automotive electronic repair garage at Broadway and Cumberland Street. When he first arrived he lived in Gloucester City for a while but now he lives elsewhere. He is a personal friend of Gloucester City Mayor William James. 


Stallwood didn’t respond to our attempts to reach him for a comment.  



Let us take a look at who is really responsible for this city’s problems today. 


  • Since 1980 our City has been picked clean by the political power brokers both on the local level and on the county and state levels. Some of our representatives, along with their family and friends, have gotten rich or found lifetime “political plum” jobs just because they are connected to the Gloucester City Democrat Party Machine (GCDPM). 


 No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason that there are very few press releases being issued from the city government. They don’t want you to know how your tax-dollars are being wasted. 


No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason that you no longer can view Gloucester City council meetings on the Public Access Channel 19. They don’t want you to know how your tax-dollars are being wasted. 


No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason the city’s website is outdated and hard to navigate from one point to another. It was launched on June 27, 2006. One of the things promised at the time was a weekly e-letter to be sent to everyone who signed up. See GCDPM 2006 campaign literature above (click image to enlarge). “This is the way to go [to inform our citizens],” said former Mayor Kilcourse in 2006. As you know that promise never came true. Blame the GCDPM!


No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason that many of the recommendations in the city’s 1995 Master Plan were never fulfilled. For example, one proposal called for the creation of a public plaza at Broadway and Cumberland Street, including a restaurant with outdoor seating, new retail space along Broadway, from Cumberland Street north on Broadway to Hudson Street, with residential housing above the business locations.


No one else is responsible.



  • The GCDPM is the reason Gloucester City has the unflattering distinction of being labeled an Urban Enterprise Zone (only 32 in NJ) and an *Abbott School District (only 31 in NJ). The state's UEZ Program attempts to rejuvenate "distressed commercial districts" by charging only half the state sales tax. 

*The Court in the Abbott II ruling of 1990 explicitly limited the Abbott programs and reforms to a class of school districts identified as "poorer urban districts" or "special needs districts." In 1997, these districts became known as "Abbott districts." The Court identified the specific factors used to designate districts as "Abbott districts." These districts:

  1. must be those with the lowest socio-economic status, thus assigned to the lowest categories on the New Jersey Department of Education's District Factor Groups (DFG) scale;
  2. "evidence of substantive failure of thorough and efficient education;" including "failure to achieve what the DOE considers passing levels of performance on the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA);"
  3. have a large percentage of disadvantaged students who need "an education beyond the norm;"
  4. existence of an "excessive tax [for] municipal services" in the locality where the district is located.[13]

 Key proponents of the 31 Abbott districts in NJ have characterized the program "a huge failure". You can thank the GCDPM for your community being eligible. 


No one else is responsible.


Scanned Image 111680003
The Courier Post headline reads, Gloucester City fears Holt deal for USCG base. From the article;


Gloucester City Mayor Robert Bevan promised at the city council meeting Thursday night that “we’re not taking anything less than the Coast Guard base for city development—period. We don’t want anything else."


The date of the article is unknown. Click image to enlarge

  •  The GCDPM is the reason that Holt is sitting in the former Coast Guard building for the next 100 years. Holt had promised residents twice that he wouldn't buy the Coast Base (see article above) but shortly after the property was deeded to city residents in 1991 that promise was broken. A 2006 agreement between the city and Holt would have relocated their corporate offices from the Coast Guard base to another site in the city. But thanks to the GCDPM that plan became null and void.

No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason the Organic Diversions compost waste disposal plant is going to be built in the Southport development section of the city. They are the reason the owner and builder of that unwanted facility has been named the developer of that entire region.  Just what Gloucester City/South Jersey doesn’t need!  The city already sits in the middle of two trash incinerators, one in Camden and the other in Westville. You can thank the GCDPM. 

No one else is responsible.



No one else is responsible



No one else is responsible.



  • The GCDPM is the reason for the poor design of the $3 million city marina project. Another $2 million was spent on the marina because it was originally built without electric and water bringing the total to $5 million. Not only did the original cost of that marina jump by several million, but because of the poor planning/design every piece of debris that floats in the Delaware River (photo) is trapped inside the marina at low tide. (watch video below)


No one else is responsible. 




During the 2006 campaign the GCDPM told the public that the redevelopment of the former SCN_0001 Coast Guard base and Southport was a done deal (see image). The plan called for Holt to move their corporate office from the base to another site within the city. Bus tours of the area were given during the Fall Fest that year. The GCDPM stated that all the paperwork was signed and it was just a matter of time. The incumbent candidates were defeated that year by the Gloucester City Independent Democrat slate, James, Brophy, Marchese. The incumbents campaign manager in 2006 was James "Bowie" Johnson who is presently representing the Second Ward on city council. Today, Holt is sitting in the Coast Guard building. Southport has become a dumping ground for excavated dirt that is removed from construction sites in South Jersey. Southport is also the future home of a trash/compost incinerator. Don't forget to thank the GCPDM, along with Boss Norcross, when you see them. Click image to enlarge

 No one else is responsible.  



  • The GCDPM is the reason Gloucester City’s local and school taxes increase each and every year, along with the city’s water and sewer rates. 


No one else is responsible.    6a0133f5cdebe3970b014e8b711fa8970d-800wi



The GCDPM is the reason that $7 million was wasted in 2009 on the purchase of Chatham Square Apartments (now known as Meadowbrook Mews) and $5 million was spent to buy the vacant Amspec Chemical toxic property. Five years later not one of those properties have been sold!


No one else is responsible.



No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason this city’s infrastructure is in such poor condition.


No one else is responsible. 



2005 city waterfront article 1The GCDPM is the reason our waterfront has never been developed to its full potential. Since 1980 there have been millions of dollars spent on studies that have gone nowhere. The GCDPM should be ashamed for the scam they tried to pull in 2006-07 under the guise of "Gloucester City's Vista" proposal. They knew all along that the Southport area was not fit for human habitat. Yet they led you to believe that hundreds of new homes were going to be built on that site. 


No one else is responsible.


The GCDPM is the reason you will never read an opposing point of view about any controversy involving mayor and council or the city school board  in the Gloucester City News. Freedom of Speech is not allowed in Gloucester City.


No one else is responsible.


  • The GCDPM is the reason that South Jersey Political Boss George Norcross, and his style of back room politics is very much alive in the City of Gloucester. King George

If Boss Norcross says JUMP you can bet your mayor and council will say HOW HIGH!

 No one else is responsible. 


  • Although those in power, present and past, like to point the finger at anyone but themselves for this city's downward spiral, the sole responsibility for its decline, mismanagement and failed projects rests squarely on their shoulders. The city’s decline began in 1980 and has continued to this day. Every governing body that served on council over that period is at fault.   No matter what they tell you, they, along with the power brokers who hide behind the closed doors of the Democrat Club, are the people who are to blame.



 No one else is responsible.



  • The video below was uploaded to YouTube by Gregg Bevan on September 2006 with the caption, "A look at Gloucester City, New Jersey and the progress or lack thereof of its downtown business district in the past years". That was the same year Gloucester City council candidates, William James, Nick Marchese, and Jay Brophy ran for election and won. Residents at the time had great expectations for the threesome. They ran on a ticket that promised a change in the way "business" was being done by previous administrations. That never happened. Take a look at the video, seven years later the city for the most part looks the same as it did in 2006. Some will say it looks worst. Make sure you thank the GCDPM and its henchmen when you see them. 

No one else is responsible. 








See part one: When it Began




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Below more 2006 Gloucester City Democrat Party Machine (GCDPM) campaign literature distributed by the incumbent Democrats prior to the November 2006 election. What happened to those plans?  Did the GCDPM lie to the public just to get their candidates elected? 

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