Nearly 1 Million New Jerseyans Will See Cuts to Food Assistance This Week

SPORTSMEN'S RALLY Sunday, November 3


"Attending the sportsmen's rally may well be the single thing sportsmen and sportswomen can do to secure the future of fishing, hunting, trapping, and natural resource conservation for generations to come." Anthony Mauro, Chairman, NJOA

We've witnessed it for stretches that last decades, people in political power that do not understand outdoors issues and who write laws and policies that erode our basic freedoms to fish, hunt, trap, and access the great outdoors. In fact, in 2007, there was actually a bill that would have banned freshwater fishing and hunting in New Jersey.

Sportsmen and sportswomen now have the chance to thank Governor Christie for slowing this trend, and the opportunity to reverse it during the next four years. It is possible that it could be decades before New Jersey has another governor that understands the conservation and economic benefits provided by sportsmen and women. 

Sportsmen's Rally
Date: Sunday, November 3rd
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Camp Jefferson Amphitheatre 
81 Weldon Road
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

The "Sportsmen's Rally" will set the tone for the next 4 years.

Attend the rally to say "thanks" and to also let the Governor know that New Jersey's Marine Fisheries Bureau gets needs critical attention so that it can sustain recreational and commercial fishing, which is a $2 billion industry. Attend the rally for improved forest habitat and implementation of forest management methods. Attend the rally to show support for the many environmental stewardship contributions made by sportsmen and sportswomen. Attend the rally and be counted!

Rally: Join in the tradition

The "Sportsmen's Rally" is a tradition that began in 2007 in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. It led to the "Battle of Monmouth Rally" in Clarksburg, NJ and the R.O.O.R. Rally (rescue our outdoors rally) in New Egypt, NJ.

These rallies have helped to change the political landscape of New Jersey while highlighting the important contributions made by the nearly 1,000,000 sportsmen and women of New Jersey.

Rally: Say "Thanks"

Be a part of a rally that shows appreciation to Governor Christie.

Governor Christie has recognized the importance of protecting and advancing our freedoms to fish and hunt in New Jersey. Here is his record on outdoors issues:

- Governor Christie appointed the Chairman of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance to his NJ Department of Environmental Protection transition team.

- Governor Christie signed the 150' safety perimeter bill for bow hunting.

- Governor Christie signed Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs.

- Governor Christie has supported and implemented science-based bear hunting.

- Governor Christie has helped to develop a plan to resolve fixed gear conflicts on state reefs and has committed to petitioning the federal government for the removal of fixed gear from federal reefs.

- Governor Christie has publicly recognized the numerous conservation and economic contributions made by anglers, hunters, trappers and outdoors enthusiasts.

- Governor Christie has prioritized the importance Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Join in the tradition! Say "thanks"! Join in the rally!
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