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September 2013 CHEERS AND JEERS


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By Bill Cleary


CHEER--Laraine Stiles Flynn, (1st row, center of high school photo) a 1961 graduate of Gloucester City High School, is Sad2 one of 13 people who will be inducted into the Camden County Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday, October 24. She is the only female to be selected to halls of fame in three different sports –- basketball, softball and field hockey. She held every South Jersey record for scoring in both field hockey and basketball. The others are Todd Azar, Rosemary Deniken Bankley, Ralph Ipri, Ken Kelley, Al Mattern, Larry Mauriello, Bill Narleski, Kelli James Precourt, Jim Ryan, Meghan Bolger Stasis, Kevin Walls, Gary Williams.


JEER--To the owners in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City who has four cats and four dogs, along with a pile of trash in their yard. The dogs have no shelter and are left out in the elements all day. Some mornings they start barking at 5 a.m. The cats are using everyone’s garden to drop their scat. Talk about being inconsiderate of others. ~ Anonymous One


6a00d8341bf7d953ef019aff4eb6f3970b-200wiCHEER--Former Brooklawn Councilman Tom MacAdams will be honored at a benefit on October 26 at Nexxt Level Sports, Voorhees. Besides having served on council ,Tom is the creator and founder of many organizations in Brooklawn. Tom is battling two rare diseases and his family needs our help with the medical bills. Tickets are $30 per person and $50 for a couple. They can be purchased in advance at Erin’s Secret Garden or by calling 609-605-0232 or 609-560-8850. Any questions call either phone number. 



CHEER--To Doctor Renato R. Latini, D.D.S., for his 41 years of service to his many patients. He was known as the “no pain dentist,” who loved to sing along with the oldies but goodies on the radio while working on your teeth. There were times he would come into his office on a weekend, even though he was closed, if a patient was in dire need. Doctor Latini has been practicing dentistry at 51 West Kings Highway, Mount Ephraim for all those years.   Good luck, Doctor, enjoy your retirement, you deserve it. Taking over his practice are Doctor Bryan Kim, Doctor Roy Kim and Doctor Seth Seo.


JEER--We all know the law says on a public street parking is first come first served and you may park where you wish. Even with that in mind there is still something that could be said for having some courtesy for your neighbors. When parking is limited, or a household has multiple vehicles, purposely parking in front of a neighboring house while spots in front of your own house, or on your own side of the street are still open is just rude and inconsiderate. I realize everyone has experienced coming home to find no place to park, but a little consideration would go a long way sometimes for those who do try to be considerate. ~Earl Foster, Brooklawn NJ


CHEER--Fourteen people recently volunteered their time to clean-up a section of Little Timber Creek in Brooklawn. They removed about 50 shopping carts from the creek.


JEER--To a certain VFW post that allows its officers to use ethnic/racial slurs while at the post. It has driven some members to other VFW posts because of the Photo harsh atmosphere there. ~ Anonymous Two


CHEER--Thank you to the Gloucester City Fire Department and the fire departments from surrounding communities for their proficient work on September 30 in containing a fast moving fire in the 300 unit block of North Broadway. Fortunately no one was injured and the three-alarm fire was contained to just two homes. 



Sad2JEER--The Gloucester City Planning/Zoning Board and the Gloucester City Business Association (GCBA) have stopped another business from opening in the city. Joe Feldman wanted to open an office at 112 N. Broadway and had been given the approval by the housing and zoning official, Joe Stecklair. However, the GCBA was against it because they say it would Image attract a “criminal element” to the city. At a September meeting the Planning/Zoning Board agreed with the GCBA. Feldman said he was going to file a lawsuit against the city and the GCBA. In recent years the city has also stopped the opening of two-taxi cab businesses 

and a check cashing store. All because they would attract a certain “element” to the city. Yet, all three business owners found homes in nearby Brooklawn and Westville. Is it any wonder that some people feel Gloucester City is not a business friendly town. 


CHEER--The Gloucester City police arrested 20 people in a 10 day period last month for illegal drug possession, along with nine people in a week on bench warrants. The cops are doing a great job trying to keep that so called “criminal element” out of the city but it seems to me that they just keep coming back.


The “Washington D.C. clowns” (aka The President and Congress) are at it again. This time Images-1 because of their political infighting the federal government has been completely shutdown. As for President Obama, he is floating around the country acting like he is on the campaign trail again. Instead of blaming the Republicans and the

Speaker Boehner
Tea Party for the shutdown, the President should be working on bringing all sides to the negotiation table. Once again, the “Washington Elite” prove how out of touch they are with the people they are supposed to be representing. God Bless Our Country!




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