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Pet Tip of the Week: The Barking Dog (

Barkingby Dawn Watson ( bark. That is how they communicate to each other and to their humans. But what about the barking dog that belongs to a neighbor? How do you handle the situation without making its owners upset?

Here are a few suggestions to stay friendly with your neighbors and reduce the distress of the animal:

• Ask the dog’s owner if you can help to calm the dog.

• If the owner accepts your offer, approach the dog and say, “Quiet” in a calm voice.

• The dog will momentarily stop barking. Say, “Good quiet!” and smile and extend a treat.

• Perform this exercise several times until the dog (and owner) understands.   

   After this point you can call over to the dog to keep him quiet. Hopefully, the owner will use the ‘quiet’ command, too.   

   If the owner will not allow you to try to calm the dog, let him know that the sound is upsetting and that you’d like him to keep the dog indoors early in the morning and late at night. If the barking continues, you may need to invest in a Sonic Egg, a device sold at most pet supply stores. This egg-shaped miracle emits a high-pitched tone whenever a dog barks. If you set the control on the highest setting the sound is effective within 50 feet and will put an end to the barking.   

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