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Margie Love for Gloucester County Freeholder Board

press release October 29,2013


Margie Love, (photo) who is running as a Republican for the Gloucester County Love head shot 3 Freeholder Board, released the following statement today explaining her qualifications for the position, along with a list of reasons on why she wants to serve on the Board. A similar statement from Ed Selb, her running mate, can be found here.


I have lived in Gloucester County for 35 years.  I moved here with my parents when I was five years old and grew up in Washington Township with my older sister and younger brother.  I went through the Washington Township Public School District and graduated in 1991. 

In October 1997, I married my husband John and together we are raising our twelve year old son Jack, who is in 7th grade at Clearview Regional Middle School.  Six years ago we moved from Washington Township to Mantua and currently live on John’s family farm where he grew up.  Since 1999, my husband John and I have owned and operated Bethel Mill Contractors, located in Mantua and my sister-in-law who lives up the road from us is the owner of Bethel Mill Animal Hospital.

The same year I graduated High School, I started working for Washington Township, and have worked in various Departments over my twenty-two years serving the residents.  I wanted to work for Washington Township, to serve the public and to put the community I worked in first, above myself and at times, my own family.  During my career I have worked for the Washington Township Public Works & Parks & Rec Department, the Washington Township Police Department and for four years I served as a confidential aide for former Mayor and current Assemblyman Paul Moriarty. While I was serving as his aide I was also the Planning Board Secretary.  I also served on the Mayor’s Advisory Board and Open Space Committee.

During my tenure as the Certified Recycling Professional for Washington Township, I created and implemented various recycling programs and policies which resulted in Washington Township receiving over 1 million dollars in grant monies from the state.

Working in the government sector for many years has allowed me to see firsthand how government is supposed to work for the people.  Unfortunately in recent years, it has also given me a front row seat at how government is not working for them due to politics.  

I am not a professional politician.  I am a hard-working, blue collar public employee and like many people have felt the tough economic times of these past few years.  

I am running for Freeholder to make Gloucester County affordable for the next generation, to reduce spending, control takes, strengthen our infrastructure and provide support and opportunities to grow private sector jobs.  Currently our county is spending millions of dollars and salaries are out of control.  I believe the first step we must take is to end the political gravy train and get back to the basics to provide excellent essential services to those who work and live in Gloucester County.  

The current majority on the Freeholder Board are career politicians.  Our founding fathers never envisioned that individuals would make a career out of elected office.  Unlike my opponents, I do not owe any favors or promises to anyone.  I am running to be a citizen public servant for all the residents of our county.  We can no longer afford the status quo “all in the family” mentality which runs our County. 


If elected I will work to bring transparency, honesty, accountability and open government to our county.  

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