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Is your vote really counted when it comes to mail in ballots ???? 


In a recent situation in the Camden County Metro Police Department the FOP and Images the PBA recently had an election where it was all mail-in-ballots. The FOP beat the PBA by two votes, 86-84.


However, when representatives from the FOP and PBA went to Trenton to count the votes, PERC notified them that they found an additional three votes and they were not going to count them due to a "technicality". The PBA contested the ruling and the election was never certified.


During the appeal, PERC admitted they found an additional six more ballots for a total of nine. PERC said 120 police officers did not vote.


But, most of the 120 sworn police officers said they mailed in their ballots.


In recent months State FOP President, Ed Brannigan, has been telling everyone that New Jersey Senator Sweeney and New Jersey Senator Norcross were good guys and we should take their advice. He said this at a Camden Police FOP union meeting. When the audience started yelling and booing, Brannigan said, "You people need to look at those guys and thank them". That was in February of 2013. He then tried to get everyone in the room to vote to not contest the new Camden County Metro Police Department,  "And vote tonight on this". When people shouted they wanted to see what was in writing he said, "Trust me it is a good deal even though some of you will not be hired back". WOW!!!!


If Norcross/Sweeney would get involved in a simple police union election, could you imagine what they do in the General Elections?


It makes you wonder, does you vote even get counted ?????




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