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IRS Legislation Doomed as the Obamacare Website Fails Consumers | AMAC

by Gene Barrett /source AMAC

In the wake of embarrassing revelations around the failure of the Obamacare website, rises the most important question for all of us. Should the government be in the business of building and running programs that have functioned successfully for years under private sector management?

The current administration made promises that it had brought in the best of the best in technology development, yet these glitches remain a major barrier to the success of its program. The President assures the nation that the nuts and bolts of the Affordable Care Act are still intact, but practically speaking, it’s currently out of reach to most consumers.

This debate over failures and glitches, serves as a metaphor for what is a prized American tradition. Allowing the private sector with guidance and oversight from government to facilitate important programs that provide important services.

The website failures occurring so early and with such widespread impact on the goals of the program, raise deep concern over potential future failures of this system. What will these website problems look like when millions of Americans have inputted their very private information into the system? How can we expect the government to account for our privacy and security if it can’t manage the online sign-up process?

Which raises doubts as to why the Internal Revenue Service would now be considering its own program to manage and facilitate the filing of your tax returns. When the IRS inputs addresses, social security numbers, and income for millions of Americans into their proposed billion dollar software, what will happen to that information is uncertain. By any estimation, the increase in fraud incidents will widely increase. We cannot afford that risk, and the IRS doesn’t care.

The IRS’s plan to file taxes for American taxpayers is reliant on software that our government cannot afford, and poses far greater risks to the average American, and perhaps most importantly to our overlooked senior community. American seniors shouldn’t be forced to invest billions in tax dollars on a guaranteed mistake.

The IRS’s plan to handle our taxes independent of expert preparation will all happen electronically, putting millions of hard working Americans at risk for enormous breaches in privacy and security and the accompanying incidents of fraud. The IRS is another government agency with a poor record on administrative and technical management. The Government Accountability Office has already rated the IRS as critically impaired when it comes to the most basic responsibilities, such as answering tax related questions, and fixing errors that are simple but that bring potentially terrible consequences for the tax-payer, even in examples such as mailing forms with social security numbers to the wrong address.

We cannot ignore the parallels of these programs, and the fact that the IRS already has a track record of doing it wrong. As we are working to protect hard working men and women, students, veterans, senior citizens, non-English speaking families, small business owners and many more, it is essential that we seize the opportunity to remind our representatives that just as Obama Care is challenged by administrative issues, the American people cannot afford to experience the fallout from the IRS’s “Return Free” legislation.

The best medicine for this is for the millions of folks who will be affected by this legislation to reach out to members of  House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, and let them know that AMAC members will not stand by and see our tax filing system corrupt and implode under this proposal.

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