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Our thin-skinned governor: Editorial


Star-Ledger Editorial Board September 4, 2013 1:29:20 PM EDT
christie-dignity.JPGGov. Chris Christie spent $2 million extra for a publicity campaign that promised to make him the star of TV commercials promoting the Shore. Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger

The catch is this: Buono (D-Middlesex) did no such thing. This is a fake tantrum, a ploy that is so cynical you almost have to admire it.

Buono, unlike Letterman, has never criticized the governor over his weight. She was objecting to his shameless self-promotion in the TV campaign, and the fact that the governor’s team agreed to pay $2 million extra for a campaign that ensured the governor would personally appear in the advertisements.

It was special to hear the governor say that Buono’s comments are “beneath the office she is seeking.” This is a guy who loves to roll in the mud, who calls his critics numbnuts, liars and idiots.

Who knew he could be so thin-skinned himself?