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NFL Kelly, Eagles wobble into Denver | FOX SPORTS

Updated Sep 27, 2013 12:17 PM ET

There have been promising signs. Like scoring 63 points in the first two games and leaving defenders faking injuries while gasping for oxygen.

Then there are troubling signs, like those six sacks, five turnovers and 16 points last week against Kansas City.

History shows most end up closer to Saban than Harbaugh. For every one of him or Jimmy Johnson, there are three or four Bobby Petrinos or Dennis Ericksons.

Not many NFL fans seemed particularly bothered by their crashes. Who didn't enjoy watching Spurrier scratch his head as professional defensive coordinators dissected his Fun-N-Gun offense?

Kelly's shock troops ran 53 plays in the first half to take a 26-7 lead. Media swooned. Ron Jaworski, ex-Eagle QB turned ESPN analyst, proclaimed the game “changed the landscape of the NFL from a philosophical and schematic approach to how the game is played.”

And it is all based on probabilities Kelly had discovered based on numbers he had crunched in his football/math lab. Big Data is trendy, but a funny thing happened on the way to changing the NFL landscape.

Michael Vick has been hit on more than Katy Perry in a biker bar. Defenses have been dictating what Philadelphia does on offense, not vice versa. Kelly says time of possession doesn't matter nearly as much as number of plays. Tell that to Kansas City, which held the ball all but 2:17 of the final quarter.

“We kind of no-huddled the no-huddlers,” Phillip Rivers said.

Did somebody say revolution?

Right now, Kelly would gladly settle for a win.

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