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Join AFP for a Special Anti-ObamaCareCall Center Day, Tuesday



Let's Expose Trenton's ObamaCare-Supporting Legislators!


Did you see President Obama's appalling remarks about defunding ObamaCare last weekend? President Obama and his acolytes continue to demagogue the health care issue and evade the devastating consequences their health care takeover is having on the American people. 


Obamacare_NJ2The fact of the matter is ObamaCare's effect on working Americans has been nothing short of disastrous. Tens of thousands of Americans are beingforced to part-time work as employers seek to avoid ObamaCare's punitive taxes and penalties for not offering insurance to full-time workers. Companies like Walgreen's and The Home Depot are dropping coverage for part-time workers. And companies like UPS will no longer extend benefits to employees' spouses , kicking 15,000 more Americans to the exchanges.

Not only will ObamaCare mean thousands of Americans won't be able to keep their plan as the President promised, but over the next ten years the average American family of four will be forced to pay $7,450 more in healthcare costs while federal spending will go up another $621B! And just yesterday news broke that the average premium for an individual plan offered through an ObamaCare exchange will be a whopping 99% higher for men and 62% higher for women than they are today!

Join AFP on October 1st! Let's Expose Trenton's ObamaCare-Supporting Legislators!

On Tuesday, October 1st the ObamaCare train wreck will become an even starker reality. That's the day the bureaucratic exchanges are scheduled to launch across the country. Individuals without insurance will have to enroll in a taxpayer-subsidized plan by March31, 2014 or else be hit with ObamaCare's individual mandate tax!

AFP is determined to expose those New Jersey lawmakers in the Legislature who have supported the federal healthcare takeover by attempting to establish a state-run exchange in New Jersey! AFP fought hard to prevent our state from establishing a state-run exchange. Thanks to your efforts Gov. Christie vetoed that attempt twice and you and I delivered a real blow to ObamaCare! Still, the federal HHS will be operating an exchange in New Jersey and you and I need to continue to fight this terrible law!

Now is the time to let our fellow citizens know which of their elected representatives in Trenton are pushing this unaffordable, unworkable scheme and ramp up grassroots pressure on them to start supporting free-market health care policies!

Volunteer now for our special call center day and help expose those Trenton lawmakers supporting the ObamaCare train wreck!

AFP's call centers will be open all day in Bogota, Monmouth Junction, Cherry Hill, Northfield and Washington Twp. (Gloucester Co.)! Once again, sign up here now to volunteer or call us at 201-487-8844 for more information!

On To Victory,  



Mike Proto
Communications Director 

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