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Friday's Update on Progress at Dietz and Watson Cleanup Site


press release September 27, 2013




Today was another day of major progress at the Dietz & Watson cleanup site in Delanco.


With all 35 million pounds of product removed and disposed of, crews were able to concentrate on demolition efforts. This afternoon the super structure, including the rear interior walls and roof, that had been surrounding the odor producing material was collapsed to be hauled off site.


Further odor relief measures were undertaken today as well. The now clear slab that had been beneath the odor producing materials was dried out, eliminating existing residue from the now disposed of product. In addition, increased soil remediation efforts were taken along with the continued mixing of compost into the land on site. 


For its part, BioTriad continued their aggressive odor neutralization process and prepared to move ahead with increased measures early next week.  These combined efforts have made noticeable improvements and should provide additional relief to residents in the surrounding areas.


While there is still work to be done, I want to commend the many groups that have helped to make so much progress already. With this collaborative effort the removal of 35 million pounds of product, which was estimated to take up to eight weeks to complete, has been finished in less than two weeks!


Finally, I want to thank the residents of Burlington County for their patience and understanding as we do everything in our power to clean up after this terrible event.


As promised, I will continue to keep the public informed of the progress at the cleanup site. For regular updates I suggest residents look to the County Facebook page at or follow me on Twitter @FreeholderJoeD.



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