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Donnelly Announces 34 Towns To Share In 4th Round of Municipal Park Funds

press release September 27,2013


 Burlington County Freeholder Director Joe Donnelly announced today the fourth round of local Unknown grants under the Municipal Park Development Assistance Program, awarding a total $4.7 million to 34 towns.


“Our goal is to make it possible for towns to achieve their local recreational objectives during a time when they must address other priorities due to budgeting constraints,” said Freeholder Director Joe Donnelly.  “This year’s grant program is another important step in achieving that goal.”


Donnelly said that all of the towns that have applied for grant dollars since the inception of the program have received funding.  In the first 3 rounds, the County awarded $15 million in grants to towns. The fourth round will bring that total to almost $20 million.


“Every taxpayer in every town pays into the dedicated open space fund, but in the past, not every town has benefitted directly from these dollars,” Donnelly said. “I’m pleased to say that this program has changed that.”


The individual grants in this latest round ranged from $50,000 to the program’s maximum of $250,000, and all grants are designated for the development of new recreational facilities or improvements to local parks, fields and courts.


“Our plan is to continue to allocate $5 million a year from the County’s existing dedicated fund for farmland preservation and open space,” said Donnelly.  Towns submitted applications totaling $ $8.3 million in the latest round.


The following list shows the award recipients:


Municipality                    Project                                                                                              2013 Recommended Award

Bass River                     Phase 2 North Maple Park                                                                                $141,000

Bordentown City            Thomas Paine Park Improvements                                                                  $  85,000

Bordentown Twp.           Improvements to Terri Field                                                                              $  60,000

Burlington City               Bandstand at Riverfront Promenade                                                                 $125,000

Burlington Twp.              Rehabilitation of Seven (7) Tennis Courts at Green Acres Area 1                   $245,000

Chesterfield                    Indoor Sports Training Facility                                                                           $125,000

Cinnaminson                  Improvements to Wood Park                                                                            $103,000

Delanco                          Field of Dreams Phase III                                                                                  $250,000

Delran                            Phase II Delran Community Park (Myers Tract)                                              $  94,950

Eastampton                    New Community Park - Phase 1 development                                                $  75,000

Edgewater Park             Court resurfacing and fencing at Senior Field                                                   $125,000

Evesham                        Improvements to 2 Parks located within neighborhoods                                  $187,500

Fieldsboro                      Memorial Park improvements                                                                           $  87,500

Florence                         Improvements to 2 tot lots                                                                                 $100,000

Hainesport                      Tennis and Basketball Court repair                                                                   $  88,000

Lumberton                      Village Green Phase II improvements                                                               $175,000

Mansfield                       Restroom/concession stand at Civic Park                                                        $145,000

Maple Shade                  Phase II Woodlawn Sports Complex                                                                 $  75,000

Medford                         Hartford Crossing Park bike trail                                                                       $107,500

Medford Lakes               Landscaping for 2 parks                                                                                    $  50,000

Moorestown                   Install new synthetic track at Memorial Field Park                                            $125,000

Mount Holly                    Mill Dam Park improvements                                                                            $250,000

Mount Laurel                  Elbo Lane Park (new) & Memorial Park Improvements -                                 $100,000

New Hanover                 Nash Park Phase II improvements                                                                   $200,000

Palmyra                         Improvements to Ethel Hardy Park & Legion Field                                           $185,000

Pemberton Twp.            Resurface tennis and basketball courts; new playground and path                  $110,000

Riverside                        Whomsley Park - new courts, playground & trash/recycling receptacles        $125,000

Shamong                       Dingletown & Saddlebrook Ridge Rec Complex Improvement                       $126,000

Southampton                 Phase II Goode Farm & Memorial Field                                                            $195,000

Tabernacle                     Improvements at Patty Bowker Park & Prickett's Mill Park                             $250,000

Westampton                   Improvements to Holly Hills School Playground; and Complex lighting           $125,000

Willingboro                     Broido Park improvements - reconstruction of walking paths                          $125,000

Woodland                       Elementary School Park Phase II                                                                     $248,500

Wrightstown                   Croshaw Park upgrades                                                                                    $  87,000

Total Funding                                                                                                                                       $4,695,950


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