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SOUND OFF! Why isn't this guy in jail?

Who's that old bald-headed guy with the bad haircut lazing on the beach with the Jon-corzine-beach young bikini-clad babe? It's our former governor, the "Wall Street Wizard," Jon Corzine, taking in a little R & R in The Hamptons.

 That's right, The Hamptons. After trying to bankrupt New Jersey and bankrupting MF Global, stealing $1.2 billion dollars of his client's money along the way, Corzine is taking a break. And believe it or not, our government may not file criminal charges against him, citing a lack of evidence. When he was asked by Congress where the money went, he testified "I honestly don't know." Maybe his girlfriend knows.

To put this in perspective, Corzine stole more money than Bernie Madoff, Al Capone, Long John Silver, Ivan The Terrible, Cyrus the Great, and Xerxes I as well as II, combined, in inflation adjusted dollars, and he's vacationing up in The Hamptons with the rich and famous while we're down here digging out of the fiscal hole he put us in.

Why isn't this guy in jail?


John Reynolds


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