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Petition | United States Department of Justice: Restore the constitutional rights residents of Camden NJ |

Petition by

Keith Walker

Camden, NJ

CAMDEN CITY NJ--In 2009, the state of New Jersey and the democrat controlled legislature stripped Camden's residents of their right to elect their local school board. While the voting rights act of 1965 targeted specific areas primarily in the southern United States, the abuse of voters rights in the northern U.S. has gone unnoticed and unchecked.The City of Camden is one of the most impoverished and crime ridden cities in the United States, in 2012 the mayor and city council voted to dissolve the police department. When the residents petitioned to government to have the measure placed on the ballot for referendum, the mayor ignored their petition.

Because a large portion of the population is minority an poor, elected officials believe these people have no rights the government or anyone else is obligated to respect. Those in power, that we've elected, are slowly stripping away our rights starting with the smallest and/or weakest locations. If we do not stop this erosion of constitutional rights, eventually, what is being done to the people of Camden may spread across New Jersey and the possibly the entire United States.

Restore the constitutional rights residents of Camden, NJ.



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