New Jersey Man Sentenced to 18 Years for Scamming Dominican Sisters

N.J. man accused of stabbing wife 47 times is released from jail;

 lawyer claims wife killed herself

Joe Moszczynski/The Star-Ledger August 15, 2013 7:15:00 PM EDT Unknown
IANETTI, VALENTINO.JPGValentino Ianetti was charged with killing his wife, Pamela, in 2009, but new evidence has found that she may have killed herself, a defense lawyer said.Sussex County jail

“She had taken between 20 and 40 pills. If not for stabbing herself, she might’ve died just from the drugs she had taken,” said Insley, citing what he said was forensic evidence recently uncovered by his office. “She probably wasn’t feeling the stab wounds.”

While Pamela Ianetti had a prescription for oxycodone, Mueller said, it’s uncertain how much of the painkiller she had ingested before her death.

“There were opiates found in her system. The numbers of pills she took is in question,” he said.

An autopsy determined she had been stabbed nearly four dozen times in the neck and chest, according to the arrest affidavit. Authorities never talked about why Valentino Ianetti may have killed his wife.

Although investigators questioned him for 20 hours, he always maintained his wife killed herself.

“They did the right thing. It was appropriate because someone’s life was at stake,” he said.
In the meantime, Valentino Ianetti, who is now living with friends, is rebuilding his life, Nufrio said.

“He lost family members, his house and his wife,” he said. “He’s virtually going to have to put his life back together again.”


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