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Camden County Police Charge Suspect with Assaulting Officer and Pos. of Heroin

press release August 31, 2013/time 5:40pm


(Camden, NJ) - Camden County Police arrested a suspect from Runnemede who assaulted an officer while attempting to flee the scene of a motor vehicle stop.   Ccpd-logo


At 10:12 a.m. Friday, Officers Michael Lance and Keith Hogle made a traffic stop at 3rd and State streets in North Camden on a car for a motor vehicle infraction. Before the car came to a stop, the officers observed the passenger in the front seat throwing objects out the window. After the car stopped, the officers approached and Officer Hogle asked the front-seat passenger to exit the car.


The passenger, Christopher Toms, 24, of Runnemede, ran from the scene. Officer Hogle pursued Toms, who during the chase, threw bags of heroin to the ground.


As Hogle caught and began to arrest Toms, he pushed the officer to the ground, severely injuring his arm. Officer Hogle was, nonetheless, able to radio a description and direction of flight of Toms who was subsequently apprehended by other CCPD officers.


Hogle was admitted to Cooper Hospital and treated for a broken arm, requiring surgery.


“Suburban drug buyers contribute to the problems with open air drug markets by more than just being the life blood. Clearly they pose a great risk to residents and officers alike,” said Chief J. Scott Thomson. “We’re proud of Officer Hogle for his courageous police work and display of tremendous professionalism, despite being injured, that led to a dangerous felon's apprehension.”


Toms was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, 2nd degree; Resisting Arrest, 3rd degree; Obstruction of Justice, 3rd degree; and Possession of Heroin. He was remanded to the Camden County Jail and is being held there on cash bail of $35,000.


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