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Dear CNBNews


There has been a lot of rumor and chat about the Brooklawn Diner since it closed down. Who

The Brooklawn Diner handicap ramp
owns it now? What if anything will take its place? Will it reopen as an eating establishment? What will happen to the property now?



Well I can tell you what ISN’T happening with the property. It is not being maintained and kept up very well if at all. While the building itself shows signs of disrepair the grounds surrounding the property are a neglected and unattended to. Weeds and vegetation growth along fence lines, light fixture mounts and parking islands is out of control.


This property is clearly not being maintained up to Brooklawn Borough standards not to mention it’s a nuisance to neighboring homes who work hard to maintain their property. The fence around the property is falling apart and at one part people now use it as a cut through for their vehicles to avoid going around the Brooklawn Circle.



The Brooklawn Diner parking lot

Internet research that I could find showed that the property was purchased by a law firm, Riker and Danzig of Morristown NJ. Morristown NJ is a few hours drive north of this property and I cannot help but wonder if they are even aware of this problem?

Aside from the fact that this property has gone from being a South Jersey landmark to rapidly becoming a neighborhood “eyesore” it says nothing of the mosquito problem in this growing jungle that was once a parking lot.

It has been quite a while since the diner closed and Brooklawn residents have watched and waited to see what was going to become of the place.

What we have seen becoming of the place is not acceptable and should be remedied as soon as possible.


Earl Foster



EDITOR'S NOTE: We contacted the owners of the property, Riker and Danzig, and asked if they would share their plans for the diner with the public. We are still waiting for their response.

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