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By Mark Matthews

BELLMAWR NJ --It looks as though the Browning Rd sidewalk and lighting improvements are complete.  Lighting has been installed and is operational, and the town is already proudly displaying banners from the recently installed vintage styled lamp posts.

The improvements include new sidewalks, benches, waste recepticles, lamp posts, grass, plants, and attractive retaining walls where the ground rises up higher than the sidewalks. 

The work and craftsmanship is of very high quality, which can be seen in the the block walls, sidewalk... the whole project.    Plus the lamp fixtures have that vintage 1800s small town look.  The top of the lamps even have a "B" monogram!

The sidewalk runs the length of the cemetary, and the lighting and banners continue down to the Senior Center.

It all started years ago when the fence at New St Mary's Cemetary was pushed backed several feet, and included the planting of trees.  Previously there was no buffer for pedestrians and the cars... it was only 36 inches or so of sidewalk between the fence and Browning Rd.  Winter time compounded the risks as snow plowed from Browning Rd had no place to go but on top of the sidewalk.  Now the extra space has been utilized fully with the new improvements.  

The new improvements are not only an attractive addition to the town, but it makes the roadway safer for pedestrians and cars, as residents and students of Bell Oaks School have a safe buffer from the road.

This is another great addition to Bellmawr, with Sauter Park being another beautiful upgrade.

Read on for additional photos.

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