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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: A bunch of Turkeys in Bellmawr |

IMG_5165( the last 4 or 5 years, Cleary's Notebook has had several stories on the wild turkey population that has been taking over Gloucester, Brooklawn and other areas... and earlier in the year GCN reporter Anne Forline published an in depth article on the local turkeys.

So how about one last photo from today of a young turkey family in Bellmawr along McClelland Ave?  The adult and 5 young chicks have become regulars in the neighborhood.  They've seemed to have found a safe home in a nearby natural area behind the homes which is basically untouched by humans.

I noticed a Bellmawr group back in 2008 over at New St Mary's Cemetary on Browning Road, and about a year or so ago we started seeing a group of them consistently hanging around the Crescent Park neighborhood...  frequently walking the streets of Romano, Chalmers, and McClelland Aves.   It all connects to Rt 130, so these could be offshoots of the family that had been seen a mile up the road in the Highland Park section.  The Crescent Park group seems to have adopted a natural area behind the 3 mentioned street which make up 2 bordering sides of the "untouched" land which runs behind the Rt 130 businesses of The Pennant, Webers and Westbrook Lanes, down to Creek Rd.

Somewhere, Ben Franklin is smiling.

That is all.  Keep checking here for the latest Turkey news!   :-)


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July 2013

2008 New St Mary's Cemetery