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EDITOR'S NOTE--John Branin, a regular contributor to CNBNews.net, complained recently to the Sam Adams beer company about their recent beer commercial advertising their product. Images

He writes, 

I had written and called them a bunch of wimps for their cowardice in bowing to the PC idiots when they omitted part of Our Constitution in their Fourth of July advertising which celebrates the very Constitution they are celebrating.

 We have been buying their light ale but that has now come to a screeching halt.

Just think, if the original Sam Adams had been this cowardly then we would still be part of socialist Great Britain and surrendering to the islamists. 

Below is the response to Branin from the beer company.

July 11, 2013


Dear John Branin,

Thank you for your message about our recent TV ad and our use of some words from the Declaration of Independence, without the phrase “by our Creator.” We apologize that the omission offended you. That was never our intent. As you may already know, we adhere to an advertising code, established by the Beer Institute – a beer industry trade organization. The code states, "Beer advertising and marketing materials should not include religion or religious themes." We agree with that, and follow those guidelines in our advertising and responsibly marketing our products.

We understand your objection to the omission of the phrase "by our Creator" in other circumstances (after all, these words occur in the Declaration of Independence which our namesake, Samuel Adams, signed), and, in this case, we believe it would be outside our industry guidelines and inappropriate to invoke the deity in a beer commercial. We also want to let you know that this commercial was developed to run exclusively around Independence Day, and is no longer on the air. We appreciate your getting in touch with us to express your concerns and sensitizing us to your point of view. Thank you for giving us a chance to respond.

We really do rely on consumers to be the judges of our work and we appreciate your taking the time to reach out.


Michelle Sullivan
Senior Director of External Relations 
Boston Beer Company


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