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19 Firefighters Killed in Arizona Wildfire | Fox News

ARIZONA--Nineteen members of an elite firefighting crew who were killed Sunday in an Angel_and_fireman_by_paperdragon1967 Arizona wildfire tried to protect themselves by deploying tent-like structures before they were overtaken, a state forestry spokesman says.

The lightning-sparked fire, which spread to at least 2,000 acres amid triple-digit temperatures, destroyed 200 homes and sent hundreds fleeing from Yarnell, a town of about 700 residents about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix. Most people had evacuated from the town, and no injuries or other deaths were reported.

Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo said the firefighters, whose names had not been released, were part of the city’s fire department. A helicopter pilot discovered the bodies and authorities are working to remove them, a Department of Public Safety spokesperson said, according to Fox 10.

Nineteen fire shelters were deployed on Sunday, and some of the firefighters were found inside them, while others were outside the shelters, Mike Reichling, Arizona State Forestry Division spokesman, told the Arizona Republic.

It was the most firefighters killed battling a wildfire in the U.S. in decades. 


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