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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Bellmawr Park Photos from 1942

Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: A sign from Gloucester's newest bar The Hog and Bull

IMG_3055UPDATE: Grand opening is Friday June 14th.
The shortest post ever...  drove by the new bar / restaraunt on Rt 130 and noticed the signs are up.  The Hog and Bull must be getting close to opening.  I saw an SUV out front when I first passed, but I was late for an appointment and couldn't stop.  When I came back an hour or so later, they were gone.  Not really any clues to indicate a major construction.  I am hoping the large stage that O'Malleys had a few years ago has still survived.  

Most recently it was called D'Place and the Facebook photo seem to show that the stage is still there, as well as the large center bar.   Its a big place!

So "Hog and Bull".... Country Bar?   Biker Friendly Bar?   BBQ place??  What's your guess, or do you know?

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