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USA's Kiel Reijnen and Evelyn Stevens win Philly Cycling Classic




CHEERS--To all firefighters, be they volunteer or paid, and to all police officers for risking Images-12 their lives to protect you and I on a daily basis.


CHEERS--NJ Senate Bill 2368, introduced earlier this year by Senator  Michael J. Doherty, and Senator Stephen M. Sweeney, would prevent shore municipalities that accept federal or state aid to replenish their beaches damaged by storms from collecting beach fees, imposed through the sale of beach tags or otherwise.  Further, municipalities accepting governmental beach replenishment aid for storm-damaged beaches would be required to provide free public toilet facilities during the summer tourism period, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. New Jersey is the only state with beach fees. Contact your state legislator and tell them to support Senate Bill 2368.

CHEERs--To Derek T. for making the suggestion about upgrading Gloucester City’s internet connection to Verizon Fios. He writes, “In order for a town to attract professional individuals these days, people need to know that the infrastructure of the future in technology will be able to support them. I hope Gloucester City realizes this and will have the whole city wired.”  He also suggested that the city should scrap building townhouses at Chatham Square since none have been sold. “If we are truly looking towards the future and adding good paying jobs, the city could turn the site into a technology park to recruit technology based workers.”

CHEERS--The Rams alumni won the annual Rams-Lions alumni softball game, for the second year in a row beating the Lions by a score of 24-17.  Kudos to the players/alumni from both schools who use this game to raise money each year for a worthy cause.

CHEERS--Bellmawr native Jason Nark has won 5 awards from the New Jersey chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, as reported at   Jason is a Daily News reporter (previously with the Courier-Post).


CHEERS--Senator Sam Thompson (R-12) said that recent school bus accidents in Old Bridge, including a crash in which several children were injured, has prompted his introduction of legislation to make school buses safer. The bill, which is being drafted for introduction, would require all new school buses to include three-point lap and shoulder seat belts.  School buses should be required to have seat belts and this bill should become law now!


JEERS--Gloucester City council adopted two bond ordinances on first reading at the May 6 meeting totaling $4,250,214.  The first bond of $2,092,697 will be used for the replacement of water mains and the water meter reading system. The second  bond, amount $2,157,517, is for the improvement of the sanitary sewer system in the city. Public hearing and final adoption was held May 23 in council chambers, 313 Monmouth St.  The City of Gloucester was carrying a bond debt of $30,164,276 in May 2012. Add to that figure the $4,250,214 for these two bonds and the total bond debt owed by taxpayers comes to $34,414,490. In 2006, prior to the James administration taking office, the bond debt for residents was $6 million. What we are seeing with this administration is the best example of a tax and spend mentality. Our children, and grandchildren will be paying off this debt for decades to come. Shame on those in charge for their mismanagment of our tax dollars.

JEERS--To people that have no respect for other people's property. Driving on to my property making horseshoe and u turns causing ruts and holes in the ground.  People spend money to maintain their property to look nice not to have people damage it. ~Signed MS


JEERS--Thousands of prisoners in New Jersey have been unfairly taking advantage of taxpayer money.State Comptroller Matt Boxer says an audit has found that $23 million in government-assistance benefits were paid over a two-year period to inmates who were not entitled to receive them. “The law requires that you can only receive unemployment payments if you are available to work and able to work," Boxer said Wednesday. "And these unemployment checks were being direct deposited to the accounts of prison inmates who, obviously because they're in jail, they're not able to work." Also, more than $7 million in Medicaid payments went to inmates. Only in New Jersey! ~Signed Gary M.

JEERS--To the Gloucester City workers who continue to do a poor job of removing yard waste from their customer’s cans.  If you can’t or won’t take the time to empty the cans completely, maybe it’s time you seek another line of work.  I don’t care if you’re an executive or the guy that empties the trash.  Take a bit a pride in what you do and do it the best it’s ever been done. ~Signed Anonymous


JEERS--In a move that defies every ounce of common sense for a governor touting the lowest popularity in the nation, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett had his state police slip across the border over the Memorial Day weekend to engage in sting operations, targeting Pennsylvanians for the capital crime of buying liquor in Delaware and crossing back into the Keystone State. And what was the mammoth haul of Tommy’s troopers? The equivalent of 17 cases of beer, 10 cases of wine, and 15 bottles of liquor. What a waste of manpower and state tax dollars. ~Christopher Freind

JEERS--THE DUNKIN DONUTS store owner, 400 unit block of South Broadway, Gloucester City,  has plastered cardboard, plastic and banner signs at the entrance way to the CVS Shopping Center. The City of Gloucester has a ordinance prohibiting such advertisements but apparently doesn't enforce it. The Housing Office is responsible for making sure the law is followed. Can you imagine what Broadway would look like if every business on that main road erected similar signs?


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