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UPDATE: Repairs have been completed at this time. Please be sure to run all faucets until water runs clear to flush any debris that may be in the line. It is also suggested that you run your dishwashers and laundry machines. Expect low water pressure at first. Thank you for your understanding.

~Brooklawn Police Chief Fran McKinney


BROOKLAWN NJ--Around 11:30 AM today, Sunday , a 12- inch water main broke at the 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0192aad3a700970d-500wi intersection of New Broadway and New Jersey Road. As a result the entire town will be without water until it is repaired.

Brooklawn Police Chief Fran McKinney released the following statement, "There has been a serious water main break at New Broadway and New Jersey Road. This is disrupting water service through out Brooklawn. Repairs are currently being made. There is no water pressure in the Borough of Brooklawn at this time. An estimated repair time can not be determined. Please periodically check along with our Facebook page for updates as they become available."