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5 things to know about where immigration reform is right now

When the Senate Judiciary Committee sent the sweeping immigration bill on to an eventual floor vote, many eyes turned towards the House and the prospects that it may play a role in torpedoing immigration reform.

But the already drawn out process will only take more twists and turns before the possibility of eventual passage and there are important things to know about where comprehensive immigration reform stands right now.

The Senate Will Pass the Immigration Bill — Probably

Many have taken it as a foregone conclusion that the Senate will quickly pass the immigration bill now that the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved it, but Senator Landrieu, who chairs the Senate Small Business Committee, said not so fast.

“At some point, you’ve got to close the deal but we’re not anywhere near closing that deal. We’ve got to go through a process on the floor,” Landrieu said to Reuters.

Sylvia Manzano, a political scientist with polling firm Latino Decisions, says the bill will pass with more than 60 out of 100 votes, so better than along party lines. “Senators are responsive to a more moderate public, while members of the House have much more political latitude to be contrary,” she says.

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