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Easy Win for The Rams Alumni, Thump Lions Alumni 24-17 |


( UNBEATABLE RAMS!!! --This year's Rams team had their way, once again, with the Lions Alumni.

Rams Manager/Head Coach Bob Chew was asked what he attributed his 042507_2141_1 team's success to?

Chew said, "First of all, our team practices all year long. And, as you can see, that hard work pays off, both in the field, and at the plate. I am not taking anything away from our opponent. However, I do think some of the players on this year's Lions team were too old to be playing against us. I thought for sure a couple of them were going to have a heart attack. Maybe next year they will retire some of these old guys and bring younger alumni to play us. We would welcome the competition, this is getting to be too easy."

CNBNews reached out to Lions Manager/Coach Steve Cowgill for a response but he was unavailable. 

A large crowd of "supporters" were on hand to witness the Rams win. The game was played for the first time at the "Billy Flynn Sports Center" on Johnson Blvd., Gloucester City.

Below, Chew gives his expanded report on the game. 


By Bob Chew

Gloucester Catholic Alumnus Class of  '86

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--The Gloucester Catholic vs Gloucester High softball game held May 17 was very successful. Gloucester Catholic actually had 25 players. Of course, The Rams win again 24-17 as they go 10-0.

This year the award went to Michele Gregal Vito's daughter, Natalie who is a star cheerleader at Gloucester Catholic HS.

As the General manager/head coach, I appointed Michael Kenrod Kenney (Class of '85) as the assistant coach. He then made Jim Mulhern (Class of '88) the co-assistant coach and Mulhern put Vincent Facenda (Class of '71) in as catcher.

Well you know what happens from here, John Kupsey throws a ball home to Vinnie (Gloucester Catholic Band leader) and Vinnie misses the ball. He might have even got hurt. There were certain plays that had Al Radano rolling in his grave, such as Sean McKenna's arm. What happened to it? I dont want to say anything about McKenna's pop up to 1st base. John Semple (Class of '88) actually made a play up the middle for the first time in his career. (Why didnt he do that for Emerald City?)

Ryan McColligan (Class of '02) was hustling as usual. He should have played baseball at Gloucester Catholic instead of hockey. Mike Calzonetti (Class of '08) actually caught a pop fly in the outfield. As his former coach, I was surprised.

Pat Rodgers (Class of '79) dominated again but went 4-4. Kimberly Dott-McAleer (Class of '86).  Brother Rich Dott (Class of '79) was outstanding again hitting 3 balls off the 40-foot-high fence. Jim Pinto and Bob Wright (both Class of '88) made an appearance. It looks like the 1988 class of Gloucester Catholic had the most players.

I am sorry to say but the Class of 1986 class, which guaranteed me some players, failed to show. Missing were: Griff, Chapman, Kristine Dyson, Mary Burkhardt Benson, Dan Magee III, Daniel Cosner, Truck Wilson, Michael Seccia, Dom Dibiase to mention a few. I even gave each one of them a thick envelope of green backs to make sure they made the game. Oh well, it was obvious we didn't need them. 
It looks like all those practices with the Gloucester Catholic baseball team really helped out.

Lions Manager/Coach Steve Cowgill got caught cheating again but good always prevails over evil. Cowgill and Ken Rod did the play by play which had the crowd in tears, real tears, LOL. 

In closing, both teams had over 20 players and that was a good sign. Moving the game to Johnson Blvd was a great idea. We actually had fans this year. Once a Ram, always a Ram!!!

Always remember, "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter".  

Your favorite player and mine,

 Bob Chew #15

Gloucester Catholic Class of '86