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( CITY NJ--Doctor Carl Vitola retired from his practice last week after 30 plus years of service to patients in the South Jersey area. Dr. Vitola will continue to serve as school physician for Gloucester City High School. His wife Eileen, who is suffering with ALS, worked in the doctor's office before she got sick. CNBNews reached out to the doctor and his wife for a comment.

Today, they released the following statement:

I met Carl at Gloucester City High School when I was 16, Carl was 18. I fell in 093007_2352_TheBestandT1 love with him immediately. He was kind beyond words, and handsome. I admired him and his family.

Carl went to college and my family and I moved away, but I never forgot Carl.

A few years later we moved back to Gloucester City and Carl and I fell in love. Carl went off to medical school in Kansas City,Missouri. In January of Carl's freshmen year of medical school, Carl and I married.We moved to our first apartment in Kansas City in July and began our journey together as husband and wife. And what a wonderful journey it has been.

After graduating from medical school, Carl did his internship at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Stratford,NJ. Upon completion of his internship,  Carl was  stationed in Patterson, NJ by the United States Public Health Service.

On a weekend home to visit with our families, we drove by 526 Monmouth Street, Marie Tedesco's property. It was for rent. Carl and I both loved Gloucester City and the friends, family and people of the city. We both agreed it would be a good spot to open a family practice office.

Needless to say Carl fell in love with everyone and so did I. I worked in the office until our son was born. I met so many cousins I did not know I had. We made so many friends and rekindled friendships from high school and Gloucester in general.

Carl loved and enjoyed practicing medicine every day. Carl's patients became his extended family. He enjoyed every encounter he had with everyone of his patients. Bonds were formed with his patients. They became friends, family. If you went to see Carl, you could tell him anything and everything and he would find a solution, and get you healed and better.

Carl saw the humanity in everyone. He understood, he had compassion, empathy, and was nonjudgmental. And he got his patients better.

When someone called Carl at home and I answered, they would apologize for calling. Carl and I never minded anyone calling our home when in need. Carl and I love people and understood that. We hoped if one or us or family needed assistance it would be available to us. We enjoyed people,we love everyone.

It is with sadness that Carl has decided to be at home to assist me with my ALS. However, isn't it just like Carl to do what he believes in? Here he goes again putting himself second. I am so blessed to have Carl as my best friend,husband.Carl and I are blessed to have a son who is our best friend and a good son.

So ALS has not only robbed me of my independence, but it has effected my husband and my son's life, as well. And in turn it has effected Carl's patients,friends.

ALS not only devastates it's victims, its impact has a rippling affect that goes on into infinity and impacts countless lives.

Because ALS is rare, progress has been slow in finding a cause, treatments and a cure.

It is with sadness, that Carl has chosen to be at home caring for me at this time. But that is who Carl is and why we all love him so much.

Thank you for your understanding, love, prayers, support, letters, cards, gifts and just being yourselves.

Carl loves you all, and so does Mario and I.

God Bless you and thank you for loving Carl and his family.


Dr. Carl and Eileen Vitola




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