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A Special Message From Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey

Good Afternoon All, 

There was an article written regarding a review of the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of PC-Salute deadly force and officer involved shootings. There are a few things that need to be clarified. About six months ago, I reviewed a study conducted within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as well as a study completed by the New York Police Department. These studies were respectively conducted by CNA Analysis and Solutions (funded by COPS -Community Oriented Police Services) and the RAND Firearm Evaluation group, evaluating the policies, practices and training surrounding the use of deadly force, particularly police shootings. As a result of those studies, each Department has implemented new training curriculums as well as new/revised department polices. 

I recently took the initiative to inquire into having a study done within this department to review our practices, training and policies regarding police related shootings. I reached out to the COPS office to secure funding and assistance in accomplishing this task. This is not a Department of Justice Audit or Investigation. I am taking a proactive approach to make the Philadelphia Police Department better in this area. The Department has been in the process of working with outside groups to maintain a level of credibility and integrity both within the department and with the public. Consulting with an independent party will ensure credibility and an objective view in this process of evaluating our policies and procedures.

My primary concern is the sanctity of life equally for members of this department and the public we serve. At no point am I looking to compromise the safety of our Officers; however, researching and implementing the best practices to be used by the department is essential. Utilizing the resources available to our police department to enhance the department is an intelligent and responsible decision, one that is owed to the public and the members of the department. 

Please review the following links to get a better understanding of these studies
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