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GUEST COMMENTARY: Troy Webster For Governor


Barbara Buono is a case study in wasted potential.

She is not a practicing attorney, even though she has a law degree and license that would enable her to advocate for so many needed reforms, for justice and to protect middle-class families, children or senior citizens.

Instead, she lives the life of a millionaire housewife, satisfied with the very high income from her husband’s medical business while she dabbles in politics.

As the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Buono raised fewer donations than the amount collected by some lawmakers, anyone in the state’s congressional delegation and even some mayoral candidates.

Her tenure as Senate Majority Leader was cut short because she failed to lead effectively and her reputation as a reformer lasted only as long as it took her to slip away from Harry Pozycki’s camp so she could join up with Sen. John Lynch, a former Middlesex County political boss who is now a convicted criminal.

As the country is divided by class warfare and unprecedented income inequality, Buono is among the wealthy one percent.

Buono keeps her campaign funds in Bank of America — one of those ‘too big to fail’ financial corporations that pays no federal tax on its billions in profit — because she is out of touch with the 99 percent of the nation’s population that works hard and barely makes ends meet.

Buono would certainly be a better leader than Republican Gov. Chris Christie with his unAmerican anti-worker policies, but her chances are nearly nil.

Polls show Christie steamrolling over the hapless Buono.

Troy Webster of East Orange is on the ballot as a candidate for governor, but he is not seriously pursuing the nomination. Then again, all evidence suggests the same of Buono.

Troy Webster has far greater executive leadership experience, a natural constituency that could become energized by his surprise nomination and the common sense to at least try to win.

Democrats must dump Buono to have hope for success in November, so we endorse Troy Webster for governor.

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