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SS United States - Image Public Domain Wikipedia


If you've been to the Ikea in South Philadelphia, next to the Walt Whitman Bridge,  you've definitely noticed the SS United States docked directly across from the shopping center.

 On its maiden voyage in 1952, it broke speed records for crossing the Atlantic Ocean.. records which stills stand today.

It's been sitting at the dock for 17 years, at a cost of $80,000 per MONTH, waiting for a grander plan to form.  Now its getting too costly to keep.  According to a new article, the scrap heap looms very soon...  Two months, to be specific.

If you google the ship, you'll find a LOT of articles and publicity on the ship over the years, most in the last few years include the doomsday scrap scenario.  Many people seem to want to save it, but no one can find the solution, which obviously needs to generate enough revenue to both refurbish, and dock the ship.

The article which triggered this post.
Sending out an SOS for 'America's flagship'

The official SS United States Conservancy website features tons of information, photos and videos... including many famous passengers.  Donate.

Recently uploaded documentary by the SS United States Conservancy.
SS United States: Made in America (YouTube)   Part II  Part III  Part IV

Other interesting links I quickly pulled together...

An interesting CBS Sunday Story (You Tube) with old clips and even a feature role in Disney Movie "Bon Voyage"

CBS News piece (YouTube) from Feb 2013.  Featuring old clips and on-ship video.  "The most famous ship that didn't sink"

A trip aboard the SS United States in 1960!  (YouTube)

1984 walkthrough, shortly before the interiors were auctioned off.  Part I   Part II article from 2011

Website for documentary on ship, including trailers.

Old Photos